XVape Vista Review - The Vista Experience
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality71%
Look & Feel65%
61%100Overall Score

Wax was and is great, but vaping wax used to be a real hassle. However, the plethora of concentrate vapes available to us has made vaping wax as easy as flower. Herb still has its place, and many still prefer it over wax. Regardless, concentrates are more popular and more accessible than ever. With the XVape Vista, that accessibility has been taken to new heights. Let’s take an in-depth look at this e-nail device to see what makes it tick.

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Product Pros

  • Powerful
  • Simple to use
  • Large Nails
  • Water Filtered

Product Cons

  • Not discreet
  • Glass can break



XVape Vista Review: Breakdown


XVape Vista upper part

Build Quality

Build Quality

First of all, the XVape Vista is built extremely well. Everything about the construction, from the quality of the glass to the engineering of the unit itself, is solid.

Thanks to the implementation of O-rings, everything pops into place very easily and fits together extremely well. In terms of the unit’s build quality, there’s not a lot to improve upon.


Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor that you get from the XVape Vista is absolutely second to none. Literally, there just isn’t a concentrate vaporizer that surpasses the Vista in terms of smoothness and flavor. There are a few that match it, but the Vista’s vapor is so smooth that improving upon it would be quite the task.

The Vista basically works in two modes. It can be a freestanding e-rig unit with the included stand attachment and water attachment, but you can remove that water and stand attachments to use the Vista as an e-nail with a water pipe if you so choose.

The Vista’s vapor quality with its water attachment is superb, and the vapor is just as great when the Vista is used as an e-nail. Although, if you’re using the Vista as an e-nail, the quality of the vapor will partially depend on the quality of the water pipe that you’re using.


XVape Vista top view


Look and Feel

The XVape Vista looks fantastic. When used as a free-standing e-rig, it resembles a futuristic version of a classic dab rig. Obviously, it comes with all the improvement that you’d expect from a modern e-nail unit, but the look is a combination of everything great from classic and modern dab rig devices.

The included glass, as well as the unit itself, feel great in the hand, and it’s all very aesthetically pleasing. In the design department, XVape did a fantastic job with the Vista.


Ease of Use

The XVape Vista is extremely easy to use, and we’re going to briefly go over how to operate it. Three clicks turn the unit on, two clicks will change the temperature, and a single click will activate the heating function. It’s that easy. I’m calling this the 3-2-1 user interface, and I absolutely love it. It’ easy to remember, and it makes getting your unit up and running easier than ever.

This device features near-instant heating. Once you’ve chosen a temperature, it’s ready to use in close to a second. Thanks to the inclusion of O-rings assemble and disassembling your Vista is incredibly fast and hassle-free. There isn’t a lot of annoying screwing and unscrewing going on. O-rings make the experience very seamless. Plus, O-rings are inexpensive and easy to change once they’ve worn out.

XVape Vista usb slot



Four temperature settings give you a range of temperature options to choose from, and the dynamic design makes this unit very multi-functional. If you decide to use the Vista with a waterpipe as an e-nail, the included splash guard will ensure a clean, user-friendly experience.

Otherwise, you’ll be using the Vista with its included stand and top-mounting water attachment. Both methods work great, and the ability to use this device in a variety of ways is more than welcome.



This is, without a doubt, a desktop unit. You probably won’t be carrying it around a lot, but if you do, the included case will make doing so a lot easier. For a desktop unit, this device is unusually portable due to its cordless design.

Its “reach” isn’t measurable, because using this device with a group is as simple as passing it around. XVape is not the first to utilize such a design, but there’s no need to fix a system that isn’t broken. Using the Vista with a group really couldn’t be easier.


The XVape Vista is an innovative device that utilizes every aspect of modern concentrate vaping to provide a convenient and high-quality vape session. As a desktop device, it takes advantage of its lack of size limitations. There’s an abundant amount of space in the water attachment. This gives the vapor a lot of time and space in which to cool down. This cooling method along with the device’s high-quality parts result in one of the smoothest wax vaping experience available to consumers.

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