Yocan Delux 2 in 1 Concentrate Vaporizer Review
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality72%
Look & Feel62%
70%100Overall Score

The Yocan Delux is a very unique 2-in-1 device that vaporizes both wax and oil. Calling it one device is somewhat misleading, but at the same time, it isn’t. This kit includes two units that can function individually and cooperatively. One is a larger, mod-style vaporizer intended for use with wax. It’s fairly standard for a mod and tank setup, except that it has a hollow storage space in which you can store and even charge the smaller oil vaping unit. This is an odd approach to the 2-in-1 vaporizer, but it piqued our interest. Is this unique design a stroke of genius or just a gimmick? Read on to find out.

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Product Pros

  • Unique 2 in 1 design
  • Oils & Wax compatible
  • Big unit charges smaller unit

Product Cons

  • Bulky
  • Mouthpiece buildup
  • Not the best at either

Yocan Delux Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Yocan Delux utilizes mostly utilizes steel with a very nice finish that’s soft to the touch. It feels sturdy and fairly premium in the hand. All the parts fit together extremely well, and it’s apparent that the designers engineered this device with fine precision.

As we previously mentioned, the main unit has a little storage space that’s made to hold the smaller of the two devices. If you don’t plan to use the oil pen, you can actually slide the included wax container into the storage space. It’s designed to fit perfectly, and it’ll be extremely convenient for those that vape wax on the go. Overall, this device is very well-built, and the design is quite innovative.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality that you get from the main wax unit is extremely satisfying. It isn’t the hardest hitter we’ve ever seen, but it performs very admirably. Truthfully, the performance here is above average.

The flavor is fantastic, and we partially attribute that to the unique wax chamber design. Often, wax vaporizers just use an open chamber with a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece prevents the wax from popping into your mouth for the most part.

However, the Yocan Delux wax chamber has an extra piece. It’s a cap with holes for airflow, and it covers the wax chamber. The extra filtration and vapor movement provided by this cap seem to have significantly improved the smoothness, and the high-quality materials will preserve the flavor.

The included oil pen performs with the rest of them. It’s nothing extremely impressive, but it does its job well. They didn’t reinvent the oil pen, but they did manage to make a very stylish, well-performing unit. The vapor quality is above average, but the vapor production is just average.


Yocan Delux back side


Look and Feel

The Yocan Delux’s aesthetic closely resembles that of a mod and tank e-cig setup. Most bystanders will assume that this is just an e-liquid vaporizer due to the size and shape. There’s nothing particularly wrong with its design, but several things could’ve been done to make it look more premium.

The finish is nice enough, and the device’s overall design looks fine. It’s just that it looks rather plain. Despite the crazy functionality, it doesn’t aesthetically stand out very much. It’s possible that this was intentional.

Maybe they don’t want this device to draw a lot of attention. Even if this is the case, the device could look better. Creating a low-profile, premium aesthetic is no walk in the park, but we’ve seen other vape companies pull it off.

There’s a way to make your product look minimalist without making it look boring. Again, there’s nothing wrong with the design. We simply feel that it’s a little uninspired. If a little more thought were given to the device’s appearance, this would be a sharper-looking device.



This vaporizer’s design is more complex than most, but it remains fairly easy to use. The user interfaces for both units work the same way.

Clicking the power button five times will turn the device on, and three clicks will cycle through your temperature options. Loading each unit is also very easy. It’s as simple as removing the cap and dropping your oil/wax inside.

Yocan Delux parts detached



This unit’s portability is one of its strongest assets. You’re basically getting two devices that only take up the space of one.

When the two units are together, they’ll easily fit inside most pockets, and this conjoined device is actually significantly lighter than it looks.



The ability to store a wax container within the mod itself adds a lot of value to this unit. It adds not only to the portability but to the discreetness as well. The shell looks just like that of a mod, but realistically, this is a wax and oil vaporizer that can actually store wax within itself.

If you’ve ever found your pockets uncomfortably full, carrying an e-liquid vaporizer, wax vaporizer, and wax container, the Yocan Delux is for you! It’ll do everything you need it to do, and it’ll save you a lot of space and discomfort.


Due to the unusual design, you might be asking “is this a real 2-in-1 device? We’re not entirely sure, but it’s as good as one, if not better. This isn’t your standard 2-in-1 unit. It isn’t just one unit that does the job of two devices by vaping multiple materials. This is literally two devices crammed into one. It’s an odd approach, but we like it. It works well on all fronts, and we’d recommend it to anyone that regularly vapes wax and oil.

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