Yocan Evolve (& Evolve Plus) Wax Pen Review - Get Evolved!
Build Quality67%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel70%
70%100Overall Score

It’s time for another Yocan vaporizer review, this time it’s for their value-priced wax pen model(s): the Evolve and the Evolve Plus both offer big hits with double quartz coils. The regular Evolve is a slim-sized heavy hitter, and the main appeal of the Evolve Plus comes from the built-in silicon jar for carrying concentrates (as well as an even bigger battery). The Evolve has been on the market since early 2016; it’s definitely user-friendly, which is a plus, but it’s also very hard-hitting and unwieldy in terms of temperature. Does the Evolve stack up against instant classics like the Zeus Thunder 2 or the Dr. Dabber Aurora? We at Vapesterdam have to get down to it: read on to learn about the Evolve(s)!

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Product Pros

  • Very easy to use
  • Built-in extract container (Plus only)
  • Huge vapor production

Product Cons

  • Vapor may be too harsh for some

Yocan Evolve (& Evolve-Plus) Wax Pen Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

For a value-based wax pen, the Evolve is pretty well-made, and the Evolve-Plus is able t step this up a bit further. The Evolve runs on a single 650mAh, which is fairly par for the wax pen course. The Evolve Plus runs on an 1100mAh battery, which gives the hits even more oomph. Both the Evolve and the Evolve Plus come with an extra atomizer in case you run the current one into the ground.

The chamber for the Evolve is a decent size, but if you really want to load up, the bowl for Evolve Plus looks almost three times as big. There’s also a magnetic cap for the coil which helps to keep the splatter effect down and keeps the unit cleaner, as well as helping to keep the mouthpiece from getting too hot. This type of cap also helps to cool the vapor a little bit before it reaches one’s lips. Overall, these are decently made devices and should hold up to a good amount of use.


Vapor Quality

As dual quartz coil setups have become fairly standard for wax pens these days, the vapor quality of the Evolve is about what you would expect from such a device. There’s no airflow adjustments, so be prepared for rig-style hits with the potential to have you go cookie like a rookie.

Unfortunately, the vapor can get super harsh, so be forewarned before hitting the Evolve too hard. For best results, hold the power button for only 3 – 5 seconds during your draw and then give the power button a bit of pulsing to monitor how harsh the draw may get.

Yocan Evolve Mouthpiece & Heating Chamber

Look and Feel

Both the Evolve and Evolve-Plus look and feel like fairly high-quality constructions. The nice small Evolve fits well in the palm of the hand, and the more substantial Evolve Plus gives some welcome heft. There are a number of colors available for the Evolve, including black, blue, orange, red, and silver.

However, the Evolve-Plus does have a larger and chunkier build which feels a bit more stable during handling, but is also slightly more cumbersome while handling. Basically, if you’re looking for something smaller and nicer to handle, then the Evolve will fit the bill; if you’re willing to sacrifice some of the nice handling for more power, then the Evolve Plus will do the trick.



The Evolve is built pretty similarly to many popular e-cigarette designs, which should make for fairly discreet use while out and about.

Both the Evolve and the Evolve Plus also work well on shorter draws which are good for keeping vapor clouds family inconspicuously. Overall, if you can keep the vapor firepower down, these should be fairly discreet units to keep on hand.


Ease of Use

Using the Evolve is pretty simple, as it just uses the one control button and a fixed temperature setting. If you want to adjust the temperature at all, the only thing you can really do is hold the power button down to keep the coils heated.

Otherwise, the Evolves are good simple units to use. The mouthpiece snaps into place magnetically, and if you get the Evolve Plus, there’s a cool silicone extract container in the bottom of the device.



As with most wax pens, the Evolve is designed to be easy for people to take on the go with them. The regular Evolve should fit pretty well in most pockets and bags, though the bulkier shape of the Evolve-Plus may provide a bit more of a challenge in this realm.

The battery life is pretty strong for relatively light users, lasting for generally around a day or more of decent use. Charging should take two hours or less, and if you get the Evolve Plus, you’ll be able to make use of the pass-through charging capability.


Overall, both the Evolve and Evolve-Plus are fair at what they do. This is definitely a decent unit for people just getting started with wax pens. It’s quite basic, having only one type of atomizer to work with, as well as no temperature control, so you can’t really expect too much. It hits very hard right off the bat, so while the setup of the Evolve may be beginner-friendly, the hits themselves go a bit harder.

It would be recommended to explore the options available to you; something like the Zeus Thunder 2 will give you more flavor and texture, while something like the Dr. Dabber Aurora will give more control and ease with your power. Either way, the Evolves are not quite top of the pops but should knock a few people on their butts.

Have you any thoughts on the Yocan Evolve, or the Evolve-Plus? Do let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Joshua Mcfatridge

    Buy exxus they last yocan is total garbage gone through 2 evolves in less than a month friends burn up hives my exists snap vv still works I know ware there’s 5 hives newer than my snap they all don’t work they now have exxus products send yocan back to ware it came from


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