Yocan Explore Review - Vaporization Exploration
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel63%
Ease of Use58%
61%100Overall Score

The Yocan Explore is modestly priced multi material portable compact vaporizer designed to be used with both loose leaf and concentrates. The Explore boasts full temperature control giving you a personalized experience, it comes with a ceramic chamber for both materials and is a straightforward simple device to use. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the Yocan Explore vaporizer.

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Product Pros

  • Compact
  • Simple to use
  • Full temp controls

Product Cons

  • Conduction heating
  • Average Build
  • Not good for concentrates



Yocan Explore Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

To start I’ll touch on the build quality of the Yocan Explore. This product is not very expensive so I did not think that it would be overly impressive with the build quality. I was correct in my thinking and the build is about average. An area that I think needs improved upon and is a bit below average compared to other similar priced vaporizers is the airflow.

It seems a bit loose and needs a better path for the air to be squeezed through. This is an important feature to take note on because if air is entering into the air pathway before or after the oven chamber then you could be inhaling non isolated air which could be more unhealthy.

An area where the Yocan Explore impressed me was with the powerful battery that it uses. The Explore uses a internal 2600mAh battery which is more than powerful enough and long lasting for this device.


Vapor Quality

There are a few Yocan devices that I have tested that have had some decent vapor quality. Unfortunately this particular model is not one that I was to fund of. The Explore has a bit of an off taste to it and you will definitely need to make sure that you run it through a few heat cycles without using any material to clean it out before you use it with your herbs or concentrates.

The Explore performs best with dry herbs as the heat settings do not really cut it with concentrates. Even with dry herbs after a few draws the flavor seems to dwindle away. With concentrates the size of the draws were just small and I could not get any big smooth tasty hits.

The temperature range of 200f – 460f as I mentioned is really only good for dry herbs. The fact that you can choose any degree in that range to a specific degree is great, but falls short in the concentrate department for sure.



Look and Feel

Overall the look and feel of the Yocan Explore is pretty nice, I think it’s a good looking vaporizer that has a good weight to it.

When actually using it though as I mentioned the airflow does not seem sturdy or well designed.



The small compact nature of this device allows it to be used in a discrete manner. The precise temperature range is also something that allows you to use this device is a less noticeable way.

If you are trying to be discrete you can set it on the lower temperatures which really only work best with dry herbs, but the result of this will be less visible vapor.

It will however take longer so if timing is something that you are looking for than again this unit will not be a top choice for you.


Ease of Use

The Yocan Explore is a simple device to use and get used to, it takes know time at all to be familiar with it. To turn it on you click the button 5 times (same as most vaporizes on the market). To turn it on when you have material in the chamber you just need to hold down on the main button.

Holding down on the main button will heat it up to the specific temperature that you have it set to. To adjust the temperature there are up and down buttons – very simple.



The 2600mAh battery and the small compact size of the Explore make it great for portability. If you are a new vape user and want something simple, cheap, and easy to use while on the go – the Explore could be an option for you. I would say that you could easily get 15 maybe upwards of 20 sessions with this vape in between charges.

This will obviously depend on the temperature setting and the length of your draws but these numbers are for the average user where most people will fall into.


If you followed along through this review you will have a pretty good idea on where I personally stand with it. If you have just jumped to the end and are looking for the quick answer here it is.

The Explore is an average cheap mediocre vaporizer that has one or two main pros I would say. The pros being that it uses a strong battery, and can vape multiple materials.  The cons being that the temperature range does not make it a very good fit for concentrates, it has a loose feeling airpath which makes me wonder where the air flows through, and that you get a bit of a plasticy taste at least during the short time I spent with it.

For the price the Utillian 420 is a way better deal and provides the user a cleaner and tastier session for your herbs. You can learn more about some of the top vaporizers here.

If you have a bit more of a budget to work with the Firefly 2 is a great choice for convection vaping, and for a high performing budge vaporizer we suggest having a look at the Utillian 721.

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