Yocan Flick 2 in 1 Review - Flick or Flop?
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality67%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Use70%
66%100Overall Score

Today we are excited to review Yocan’s 2-in-1 vaporizer, the Flick. The name was inspired by the Zippo-like flip-top lighter design. In fact, this box MOD style vape could almost be confused for one! Score 1 for discreetness. Will the company’s other claims of crystal smooth texture and great flavor hold up? Let’s find out!

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Product Pros

  • Great for fidgety hands
  • Protective cap
  • 2 Coils – 1 for Juice and 1 for Concentrates
  • Discreet

Product Cons

  • No temperature control
  • Runs just warm enough to notice
  • Battery is not interchangeable




Yocan Flick Review: Breakdown


Yocan Flick available colors

Build Quality

Build Quality

Both the atomizer tube and the juice chamber attach to the heating element by magnetic connection. The atomizer features a single quartz coil to deliver vapor.

However, we found this chamber to be a bit too high-walled to be easy to pack. In addition, it is a bit underwhelming to see a single coil these days.

The juice chamber is fill top and boasts no-leakage. We love that they included a window in the Flick to make checking the oil level a breeze! Furthermore, the light is included in, can be seen from, this window.


Vapor Quality

Unfortunately, there is no variable voltage. You have to take what you get from the unit in terms of temperature. In fact, we couldn’t find any information about what the pre-set temperature range might be.

Overall, the juice chamber produces tasty, sufficient clouds. However, if you like to vape bigger clouds, look elsewhere. The same goes for the concentrate chamber.

Since there is only a single coil, you will not be able to get the large vapor you are craving. The clouds are more moderate in size.


Yocan Flick coils


Look and Feel

This box MOD feels fantastic in the hands. It is heavy, and it feels like a much higher quality than the price lets on. Yocan offers the Flick in 4 colors: black, silver, blue, and red.

The best part about the feel of this unit is playing with the flip-top! This goes double for current Zippo users!



The size of the Yocan Flick is a small 81mm x 67mm x 31mm. In fact, that is the perfect size to fit discreetly in almost any hand! That means it fits well in almost any pocket, too. Even if the top sticks out, they look just like larger Zippos.

Especially the silver and black. Putting this vaporizer to use isn’t too indiscreet, either. Many people will assume there is a cigarette involved, or your box MOD is a strictly eJuice. Speaking of, a strong flavor quickly switched can help cover your scent.

Yocan Flick front display


Ease of Use

Filling up the oil atomizer is easy. Simply unscrew the cap, fill, and let sit for a few minutes so the wick can soak. One great thing about this chamber is that you can fill it up ahead of time.

The concentrate atomizer operates in a similar way. Twist off the top and use the included pick tool to place your wax directly onto the coil. As we warned earlier, the high walls of the chamber do not always make this an easy task.

Replace the cap where it belongs. Make sure the magnetic bottom is attached before you place either of these into the box unit. However, your device will tell you if you don’t.

The Yocan Flick includes a warning signal just in case the magnets aren’t making contact: the light will flash 3 times.

Once everything is in its place, it is go time! To turn on the Flick, click the only button 5 times. To give it some heat, hold the power button. Then, inhale your vapor. When you are finished with your session, click 5 times to turn off.



The Yocan Flick is not only portable because it is small, lightweight, and discreet. It is also perfect for on the go use because of its protective top. Many vaporizer mouthpieces are either made of glass or are completely unprotected.

This leads to breakage at worst, and lent clogging at best. Yocan completely annihilates these concerns by providing a lid – unlike its predecessors the Hive and the Hive 2.0.


If you love eJuice and concentrates, don’t hesitate to think about this newest Yocan 2-in-1. The inexpensive cost makes it even more of a deal. We definitely recommend this unit for beginners. However, if you are a professional vaper that wants big clouds and bursting flavor you may want look elsewhere.

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