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Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel60%
Portability 70%
64%Overall Score

We’ve been reviewing a number of Yocan devices lately, and this one looks to be the smallest and most potent of the bunch. The Yocan Hive is designed to be used both for thick waxes (using the single quartz coil) or thinner concentrates where the e-juice container can also be used. There’s a few really cool items to note about the Hive (like the magnetic base for switching tanks), but the more you get into it, you’ll see what sorts of limitation can come with such a basic device. How does this little feller stick up to tried and true wax’ers like the Pulsar APX Wax or the Zeus Thunder 2? Only one way to find out!

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Product Pros

  • Compact and very discreet
  • Unique magnetic cartridge system
  • Easy to use

Product Cons

  • Leaky e-juice cartridge
  • Vapor flavor can range from weak to burnt

Yocan Hive Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

While not one of the best-made wax vaporizers we’ve used, there are some notable elements of the Hive’s build quality. The Hive uses a 650mAh battery built into the device and which cannot be removed, but holds up pretty decently for consistent use through the day. The coil and e-juice cartridge  can only hold about 0.8mL each, but it is also possible to obtain compatible pre-filled cartridges.

Really, the only problem with the build quality (and it’s a fairly large one) is how the e-juice cartridge either. The idea is the e-juice cartridge would work for thinner concentrates, but just try and get some oil into this cartridge; unless you have a very fine syringe for insertion, this will likely just end up being a sticky mess.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Hive is certainly variable, with some noticeable strengths and weaknesses. You won’t necessarily get big clouds, but it’s decent for flavor and texture. However, with no voltage or temperature control, the vapor can range from weak to burnt in mere moments.

The airpath only really gives restrictive lung hit which will hit like a cigarette. The 12w of power generated by the Hive might be a bit too much for this kind of device, as it will mostly just give off a burnt taste after extended use.

Yocan Hive E-Juice Cartridge

Look and Feel

Make no mistake, this is a tiny vape. The Yocan Hive looks kind of like a cross between an old-school mp3 player and a flask. The simple design makes it super stealthy to take out, as you can fit the entire device in the palm of your hand and still get nice discreet draws. It also comes in a range of colors including black, white, gold, red, and turquoise; these bright colors and the very small size make the Hive a solid addition to a pocket or purse.



The Hive is definitely one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market due to how small it is. It fits entirely right in the palm of one’s hand, and the mouthpiece is short enough to allow basically the whole device to be hidden while in use

What’s also cool is how you can use it literally right in front of others, and not have anyone really know what exactly it is you’re doing. Even if you get one of the colored models, the entire body of the Hive fits concisely enough in your hand to totally obscure any color giveaway.


Ease of Use

With just a single quartz coil, The Hive is quite easy to load, and using it is a breeze due to the one-button control. The magnetic base system also makes changing up materials super-discreet. The pieces are generally well-built, coming apart and being put back together with ease.

However, you won’t necessarily end up switching out the tanks much due to how the e-juice is known to leak almost immediately.



The Yocan Hive is one of the smallest vaporizers available on the market. It’s designed pretty much solely for stealth vaping, and not much else. You won’t be able to produce particularly big clouds unless you load the coil with enough material to last more than a session or two.

The battery life is fairly decent for portability, as you can take the Hive out and about for at least 10-15 uses before it starts petering out on you. The light on the front of the Hive is supposed to indicate how much battery life is left with the unit, though we haven’t seen this indicator read particularly clearly


Oerall, the Yocan Hive remains a curious unit. Despite being marketed as a leak-free vaporizer, there are definitely leaks with this device. The primary issue here is how the e-juice container isn’t really built to handle the exact type of concentrates it’s ostensibly designed to process. Perhaps if you have an e-juice with herbal extracts, the Hive would be able to handle it. The magnetic base system makes it easy to change out elements, but you’re likely to be only using the coil. So, while the functionality of the Yocan Hive is theoretically there, it’s hard to get the most out of it. All this makes the Yocan Hive a curious and low-risk, if ultimately far from essential, device for people who like super-covert, super-simple vaporizers. Check out the Pulsar APX Wax or the Zeus Thunder 2 for value-based wax vaporizers which can actually handle their loads.

Have you gotten into the Yocan Hive yet? If so, let us know what you think about it in the comments below!



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