Yocan iShred Vaporizer Review - Shredded Heat
Build Quality47%
Vapor Quality48%
Look & Feel50%
Ease of Use50%
50%100Overall Score

There are not necessarily a lot of all-in-one travel vaporizer solutions; beyond wax pens, if you really want a portable vape, you’ll have to load your gear into a carrier like the Zeus Armor Hard Case. However, Chinese vaporizer manufacturer Yocan is looking to offer something more for those who feel their portable vaporizer experience is too cumbersome. This leads us to the iShred, which gets its name from the built-in herbal grinder system. It’s a very cool idea, but with such novel additions, we’re always wary of how the actual vaporization experience will go. With this in mind, it’s time to shred!

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Product Pros

  • Innovative built-in grinder
  • Precise temperature control
  • Clear LCD screen

Product Cons

  • Grinder doesn’t work particularly well
  • Weak battery life
  • Figures on screen are hard to read
  • Only works with herbs

Yocan iShred Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

There are a number of appealing features included with the iShred, but unfortunately the manufacturing quality involved with all of these features leaves much to be desired. The iShred of the name does not break apart herbs particularly effectively; i would likely be better just to invest in a higher-quality dedicated herb grinder like the Zeus Bolt.

The use of plastic materials throughout the build also doesn’t really give us a lot of hope about the iShred holding up to an unfortunate drop. The buttons feel flimsy and not necessarily machined well. Even the digital display is lacking, with the text showing up brightly but in a very small size which will difficult to see even in optimum lighting conditions.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is definitely hit-and-miss with the iShred. Airflow is diffused by two independent airways which are designed to allow for maximum airflow, but nonetheless things get pretty warm on the higher temperatures.

One nice element about the iShred is the exact temperature control included. However, the short airpath of the iShred makes vaping at higher temperatures less than ideal. If running the iShred on temperatures higher than 210°C made for a fair amount of discomfort on our throats.

Yocan iShred Grinder & Herb Storage

Look and Feel

The iShred will likely feel pretty average to most users. The way the elements of the iShred fit together and come apart isn’t nearly as neat as the Magneto, especially the built-in grinder.

It’s made primarily from plastic materials which don’t necessarily feel great while handling, and certainly give us some pause on whether or not they will hold up for us in the long-term.



The bulbous cylindrical body makes the iShred fairly bulky. The basic black color and inconspicuous shape makes the iShred a fair bet for discreetness in use, and the built-in grinder and herb storage should help to keep things relatively low key while on the go, and there’s also a there’s a stirring tool built into the mouthpiece, which will help to get a more even cook while on the go.


Ease of Use

The digital display and exact temperature control of the iShred makes it quite easy for almost anyone to use. The LCD display will also allow you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, which is a nice touch.

We appreciate the idea of including a grinder with the vaporizer itself, but it will still be easier to use a dedicated grinder like the Zeus Bolt instead of trying to deal with the poor workmanship of the iShred’s built-in grinder.



The iShred may remind some vaporizer fans of the Arizer Air in how its shaped and sized, but the iShred is actually more portable due to the lack of glass pieces. There are a few caveats to go with this, however.

The built-in grinder makes the iShred feel noticeably heavier than the average pen-style vaporizer, and the battery life of the iShred is pretty average for a herbal vaporizer, with a single 18650 battery lasting for about 45 minutes at best. In any case, it would be recommended to use a carrying case like the Zeus Armor Hard Case instead of trying to make the most of the generally subpar tools used in making the iShred.


The iShred is a cool idea to feature in Yocan’s line of products, but unfortunately the functionality just isn’t quite there yet to make it a solid recommendation. The short air path and harsh vapor quality produced are just not quite on the level for us, and the rest of the generally plastic-type build feels cheap and insubstantial. For a similar type of build but with much better performance and vapor quality, one could check out the FocusVape Pro which offers a much tastier glass mouthpiece, a removable battery, and a higher-quality digital display.

Have you tried the Yocan iShred yet? If so, we would love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

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7 Responses

  1. Victor

    Been trying debate whether or not to test this one out but after reading this, will probably check out something else instead lol. Thanks.

  2. Joan

    The ishred sucks! The top plastic mouth piece just comes right off. cant tell if I’m getting a hit. Its a piece of crap. go back to rolling joints its easier than scraping the screen after every use so you can even get a drag.

  3. Me

    I’m getting one thing while using this vape, a bad headache. For real. It’s just not working. I watched videos after reading the directions several times. Maybe it’s me… but it doesn’t work on any temperature setting.

  4. Anonymous

    The atomizer in these units are prone to failure. Mine failed after 7 months. Stay away from this junk.

  5. Nat

    My ishred vape quit after 3 weeks of use and the company refuses to replace it unless I pay for shipping. Don’t waste your money

    • cshores

      bought one…totally a downer….worthless grinder …overall vape is worthless… totally bad experience


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