Yocan Magneto Vaporizer Review - Magnetic Feels
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality75%
Look & Feel65%
70%100Overall Score

The Magneto is the latest concentrate vaporizer from Yocan, a value-based vaporizer manufacturer based in, you guessed it, China! While quality can certainly be dicey from these types of manufacturers, the Magneto offers a fairly unique and solidly built construction with the Magneto. Appropriately enough, the name is derived from the use of magnetic connectors to safely hold the pieces of the Magneto in place. It’s a really cool feature which we’re happy to see, and we’re excited to see how vapor from the Magneto goes for us.

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Product Pros

  • Good vapor flavor
  • Pieces fit together well
  • Handy built-in dab tool

Product Cons

  • Fairly non-descript design
  • No temperature flexibility


Yocan Magneto Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Instead of using a traditional thread connection, the Magneto uses a magnetic connection between the atomizer tube and the base, which makes it much easier to disassemble and clean. The Yocan Magneto runs on a layered ceramic coil and and should work with a variety of Yocan compatible coils. The idea behind this here is that the wax will melt on the first layer, and the wax will then run down into the second layer to atomize. There is also a hole on the side of the Magneto intended to provide airflow and speed up the vaporization process.

The magnetic coil cap is built to act as its own dab tool, as you can load wax by using the tool to scoop the wax up, and then the coil cap screws back on to connect with the heating element. The problem here is how the dab tool isn’t really effective in getting all of the concentrate material off of the tool itself, leaving a fair amount of extract to waste.


Vapor Quality

As well, there’s no temperature flexibility to speak of. You just press the button and hope to settle on a satisfying heat level; no further information on the heat settings is provided in the instruction manual, either

A bit of metallic type taste also emerges from the coils and doesn’t really dissipate in the mouthpiece, leaving a tainted quality for the vapor flavor.

Yocan Magneto Heating Chamber & Mouthpiece

Look and Feel

The Magneto has a cool look to it, with large battery makes the Magneto look like a thick black marker. It measures 19mm by 112.6mm, allowing it to fit mostly in the palm of your hand.

Mostly though, the magnetic connections make the Magento feel like a substantial device which will hold up to fair amount of wear and tear.

ke the  Discreetness


As long as you get one of the more subdued colors of the Magneto, this should be a fairly discreet wax pen to take out on the town.

Being able to load your wax on the go definitely helps with some degree of discreetness, though it would still be recommended to pre-load your devices for maximum inconspicuousness.


Ease of Use

These are fairly easy devices to operate, with the one-button operation allowing for just a few clicks to get vaporizing.Taking the device apart is fairly easy as well, as the magnetic connections both come apart with ease and hold things together securely.The dab tool allows you to sort-of dunk the apparatus into your wax container and scoop the material on to the applicator. This is then inserted back into the atomizer, making it one of the easiest-loading wax vaporizers.



The Magneto is designed to be a strong device for portability; it’s relatively small and light, made from decent materials, and also comes with a non-stick jar which can hold up for 2ml of extract material.

However, if you’re looking for a stronger battery life to take on the go, a comparable unit would be the Zeus Smite Plus which gets around two hours of battery life from two 18650 batteries.


The Yocan Magneto is a well-performing concentrate device which should provide a pleasant experience for both new users and those with a few wax pens under their belt. If you’re looking to step the wax game up, something like the Source Orb 4 Kit may be the advancement you’re looking for; alternatively, if you want a lower and slower type of heat, the Zeus Thunder 2 will be your choice of rollin’. For anything in between, the Magneto should keep you together.

Have you used the Yocan Magneto? Let us know how attractive you found it in the comments below!

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2 Responses

  1. Natasha Corbett

    Hello! I have bought one of these pens and been using it for about 3 weeks. I went to clean it, the instructions say the entire coil and dab tool can be soaked in iso (I took them apart and used a qtip) and let it dry overnight. afterwards the coil had a very burnt and unpleasant taste. I bought a new coil that I’ve been using for about a week and the store I got it from told me not to clean the coil with iso. So I’ve been keeping the Dab tool clean and leaving the coil alone. Now about a week later it’s giving me a burnt taste again and not really giving me any smoke from my wax. I don’t want to waste product and I do not want to get sick or injure my lungs or brain from this product. I am new to dabbing, is this normal?? Or is there something wrong with my pen? Can the coil get burnt and is it bad for your health? Or is that what is supposed to happen?
    Thank you in advance!!

    • Dan C

      The coil on the Magneto does have a tendency to get a burned taste after a while, I really am not the biggest fan of the coil design and find either dual quartz or a ceramic plate give better flavor and are easier to clean.


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