Yocan Stealth Review - Stealth Bomber
Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel65%
63%100Overall Score

The Stealth is a 2-in-1 vaporizer pen by manufacturer Yocan. Named for its portability and discreetness, this unit features a switchblade design to make its use even sneakier! Yocan is well known in the industry for creating multi-use, stealthy vaporizers. Will this be one of their best or one of their worst? Find out in our comprehensive review of the Stealth.

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Product Pros

  1. Dual-use
  2. Dab tool included
  3. Portable
  4. Quick-charging
  5. Lightweight
  6. USB charging with included power cord
  7. Discreet
  8. Long-lasting battery

Product Cons

  1. Leaky wax cartridge
  2. Mystery preset voltages



Yocan Stealth Review: Breakdown


Yocan Stealth available colors

Build Quality

Build Quality

The folks at Yocan used 510 threading so the cartridges are compatible with most other vaporizers and pre-filled cartridges! We appreciate the fact that the company was considering long-time users in the creation of the Stealth.

The battery quality of this device is one of the best among dual-use vaporizers. It only takes about 2 hours to charge fully. Not only that, but you can get an average of 100 hits off of 1 charge. That’s fantastic and makes the Stealth great for long trips.

One downside of the Stealth’s design is the always-exposed mouthpiece. However, it isn’t a deal breaker. Just be sure to clean any accumulated dirt and lint out before you use it!

This vaporizer’s claim to fame is the switchblade action. However, we had issues with the concentrate leaking when it is stored upside down inside the Stealth. That being said, the idea itself is awesome. Unfortunately, the build quality of the cartridges just isn’t there.


Vapor Quality

In terms of vapor quality, the Yocan Stealth is okay. There is nothing bad about it, but it is nothing special. Beginners will be happy with the clouds, but those who are more advanced in their vaping may not be satisfied.

Included is a single coil quartz wax atomizer as well as an oil cartridge. Unfortunately, there are 3 preset voltages, and the manufacturer’s website does not say what the temperatures are. However, they work well enough to get the job done in a satisfactory manner.


Yocan Stealth heating chamber


Look and Feel

We really like the compact design of the Yocan Stealth. The switchblade design sets it apart from other vape pens and keeps it discreet. This vaporizer comes in 4 different colors. You can purchase it in silver, blue, red, or black.



The Stealth by Yocan is extremely discreet. At 4 inches tall, it is about the same height as a cigarette lighter. Not only that, but the width is about the same as a fancier lighter. People literally won’t be able to tell what’s what. Especially when it is outlined in your pocket.

The tiny size of this unit means it can fit in the palm of most hands. When you are taking a drag and you need to be discreet, the Stealth is one of the most compact on the market. Even if someone smells it, they won’t be able to tell who dealt it!

Yocan Stealth in hand


Ease of Use

This Yocan is not at all difficult to use. You can choose between using oil extracts, wax extracts, or pre-filled cartridges. If you are using the cartridges provided, then unscrew the top or mouthpiece. Pour oil straight inside, or use the dab tool to place wax on the coil.

Put the top of the cartridge back on, attaching it to the unfolded connector. If you have a pre-filled container, simply screw it onto the unfolded connector. Once that’s finished, press the power button 5 times.

To select the voltage, press the button 3 times to toggle between low (blue), medium (green), and high (red). Finally, press the power button while you take your draw.



The category where the Stealth really shines is its portability. This vape is lightweight and small, so it is easy to carry. Whether you want to throw it in your pocket or carry it in your backpack, you will have no problem fitting this device in any container.

Yocan gave the Stealth rounded edges to help it fit inside any pocket, including the smaller pockets on women’s pants! There is even a built-in hanging hole if you want to keep the unit around your neck. This way you can keep your vape safe while having an easy way to carry it.


Overall, the Yocan Stealth is a unique vaporizer. It uses switchblade technology to hide whatever cartridge you are using without taking up space. Additionally, the small size makes it portable, lightweight, and discreet. The unit even looks like a lighter before you open the “blade”.

Beginners will like the ability to choose between extracts, and the cloud quality will be enough. However, advanced vapers will most likely want a device that produces higher quality vapors in a higher quality unit.

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