Zeus Arc Vaporizer Review - The Gold Standard
Build Quality96%
Vapor Quality96%
Look & Feel94%
Ease of Use92%
96%100Overall Score

Zeus Arsenal has been in the vaporizer game for a while now, bringing us awesome vape-centric gadgets like the Iceborn, Temple Herb Box, and the famous Zeus Bolt Grinder. Today we are lucky enough to have their latest high-performance herb vaporizer, the Zeus Arc GT. Boasting an impressive all-gold vapor path, a first in the vaporizer industry, the Zeus Arc GT pumps out impressive clouds of vapor. Housed beneath the impressively small chassis is a unique heat sync which dramatically cools vapor while retaining potency. Zeus has also released a standard version of the Zeus Arc as well, which swaps the all gold vapor path for stainless steel at a more affordable price. We will break down both and determine which is worth your hard-earned dollars.

Product Pros

  1. All-Gold Vapor Path
  2. Isolated Vapor Path
  3. USB Charging
  4. Long Battery Life
  5. Haptic Feedback & Accelerometer

Product Cons

  1. Battery not removable
  2. Small tool can go missing


Zeus Arc Review: Breakdown


Zeus Arc Vapor Path

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Zeus Arc is engineered in Germany, joining the ranks of other prestigious German engineered products like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and the ever-popular Storz & Bickel.

It is pretty obvious that Zeus took inspiration from the automotive world, packing so much horsepower under such a tiny chassis. The Zeus Arc feels high-quality the minute you receive the box, making you wonder if you purchased a pair of Beats headphones and not a vaporizer. In fact we aren’t alone in this thinking, even our friends over at Tools420 remarked, “we were reminded of german cars like the porsche”.

The Zeus Arc’s sleek black exterior is made of anodized aluminum with a smooth, matte finish that makes the gold vapor path and heat sink in the GT version pop in contrast. The whole design of the Zeus Arc makes me think it belongs in the Porsche Designs catalog.

The loading area of the Zeus Arc is made of PEEK plastic, which is the same plastic found employed in the Storz & Bickel products with a deflection temperature of 315 degrees celcius, which is much hotter than the Arc will ever get so you can rest assured the plastic is of the highest quality.

Hidden on the bottom of Zeus Arc is a clever little multi-tool that can be used to help tamp down your herbs during packing, stir your herbs during the session, and empty your chamber once your session is complete. The multi-tool can also be used to clear the screen in the mouthpiece of any debris that may build up during use.

The Zeus Arc is also firmware upgradeable via USB and a computer which will be able to offer newer firmware upgrades for the Zeus Arc as they come available.

There are 3 temperature cycles in the Zeus Arc, which we will touch on later, those are indicated by the 3 bright and easy to read LED’s on the display. These LED’s are vibrant and easy to read, even in the most challenging of lighting situations.

Hidden inside the Zeus Arc’s tiny chassis is an accelerometer that senses the user’s movements and haptic feedback to let you know the device has reached temperature. To check the battery life, simply shake the Zeus Arc and the LED’s will illuminate to show you the current charge.


Vapor Quality

The first draw from most conduction vaporizers is less than impressive, usually all flavor and no cloud production. In fact, a lot of people’s complaint about dry herb vaporizers is that they don’t see any vapor. Zeus clearly have listened to user feedback because this is far from the case for the Zeus Arc.

From the first draw you are getting smooth, yet impressive clouds of vapor. The gold vapor path of the Zeus Arc GT does an amazing job of cooling your vapor while preserving the flavor of your plant. Gold is one of the most conductive metals on the planet, which is why it was implemented in the GT version of the Zeus Arc, its capable of both transferring heat to the herbs in the chamber quickly as well as dissipating the heat in the gold heatsink transferring the heat evenly throughout the body.

I found the Zeus Arc does a good job with either a light or tight pack. A tight pack will increase the draw resistance a bit but provide ample vapor and a lighter pack will provide a bit more airy draw but still provide robusts amounts of vapor.

The standard version also does a great job at cooling vapor and providing good clouds, but we do find the flavor, smoothness and vapor production just a bit better on the GT version because of the gold’s conductive properties as compared to the stainless steel implemented on the standard version. The draw resistance on both versions is perfectly calibrated and does not feel overly restricted.

As opposed to regular temperature settings, the Zeus Arc has 3 heating cycles, which you can cycle between by tapping the power button and is indicated by the illuminated lights on the device. The idea behind these cycles is that you should be able to get a full session from one bowl from each of the heating cycles, allowing you to maximize your herbs.

We were impressed with how much we could stretch one bowl in the Zeus Arc, finishing off our first session at cycle 1 in the morning, then come back an in the afternoon for another session at cycle 2, and finished the bowl off before bed on the 3rd heating cycle.

For those who enjoy just vaping through a bowl as fast as possible, this is certainly possible with the Zeus Arc, and starting off on Cycle 3 will provide massive clouds that can rival even the Mighty. At cycle 3 I found I could fully extract a bowl in about 10 minutes.

For people who want the best of both worlds, I found starting on cycle 2 and then moving to cycle 3 will get a very satisfying 20-minute session.

For best results, we recommend stirring the bowl halfway through your session with the multi-tool tucked away on the bottom of the Arc.

One thing we are very happy to see is a fully isolated airpath which is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Overall the Zeus Arc is an extremely well thought out and put together device. During testing I did find myself constantly using the GT version of the Zeus Arc with the gold vapor path and gold heatsink and found it a more flavorful, smooth, and enjoyable vapor experience.


Zeus Arc GT heatsink


Look and Feel

The curved exterior of the Zeus Arc fits neatly in the palm of your hand and feels very comfortable to use. The mouthpiece opening is discreetly located at the edge of the silicone top and the chassis is simple yet effective to use and feels nice to draw from.

The heatsink in the silicone mouthpiece not only looks great on the GT version adding a splash of gold but also effectively works to cool down the vapor leaving a smooth, potent draw. The standard version of the Zeus Arc swaps out the gold-plating for stainless steel, which also does a relatively good job of producing vapor and cooling down draws but does lack a bit of oomph in flavor and vapor that you get from the gold version.

Unlike units like the DaVinci IQ which gets extremely hot in your hand over the duration of the session, the Zeus Arc’s GoldSink technology does an effective job in evenly distributing heat throughout the device, making it perfectly comfortable to hold and free from unwanted hot spots.



The Zeus Arc is an extremely discreet vaporizer. If someone found it sitting on your desk they would easily mistake it for a portable charger.

Its tiny size makes it easily concealable in the palm of your hand and perfect for getting discreet sessions in when you are out and about.

Not to mention that the sleek design will have most people assuming you are using some sort of new fancy e-cigarette rather than a herbal vaporizer.

Zeus Arc GT emblem


Ease of Use

The Zeus Arc is extremely user-friendly, in fact it may be the most accessible high-end dry herb vaporizer ever released. You won’t find any unnecessary bells and whistles, no need to download an app. Just load, turn on and enjoy.

Loading the Zeus Arc is very intuitive, as oppose to using your fingers or a scoop to load your herbs in the Arc’s chamber, you can simply remove the silicone mouthpiece and use the lip nearest the loading chamber to scoop your herbs into the device. You can then tap the sides of your Arc to funnel the herbs into the chamber and use the included multi-tool located at the bottom of the Arc to tamp your herbs down into the chamber.

Once the chamber is loaded, place the silicone mouthpiece back on top of the Arc, press and hold the power button to turn it on and set it to the first temperature cycle.

Heat up takes roughly 45 seconds and the Zeus Arc will vibrate in your hand and LED’s will turn green to let you know you have reached temperature.

A session on the Zeus Arc will last 10 minutes before the auto-shutoff kicks in and the unit will vibrate to let you know its shutting down. The Zeus Arc’s auto-shutoff will also kick in if the device is left idle for 30 seconds, which is great for those who enjoy to vape while doing tasks, preserving your herb should you ever forget about your session.



For the high-performance vapor that the Zeus Arc puts out, I am extremely impressed by how small the actual device is, measuring at just 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm, it can easily slip into your pocket to take with you for the day.

I found a charge on the Zeus Arc lasted me roughly 90 minutes, which I found was about 6 – 9, 10-minute sessions in total depending on which heating cycle I started on. This is amazing for a device this size, rivaling the likes of the Mighty and Pax 3 and will last most users a few days before requiring a charge. Checking the remaining battery life on the Zeus Arc is also very intuitive, just simply shake the device and the LED lights on the device will show you the current charge level.

Charging the Zeus Arc is extremely simple, just remove the multi-tool at the bottom of the Arc and place the tool on the top of the mouthpiece, which is magnetic, to store while charging, and expose the micro USB charging port. Then using the including USB cable plug the Zeus Arc into any available USB charging block to charge the device.

If you are looking to charge your Zeus Arc on the go I suggest picking up a Zeus Charge, which is a 5000mah battery pack capable of charging your Zeus Arc twice while on the go.

Zeus Arc Mouthpiece


The German engineered Zeus Arc is a peak-performance herbal vaporizer, fully loaded with user driven features like its unique easy-to-load design, accelerometer, haptic feedback, 3 heating cycles, included multitool, and USB charging to offer a hassle-free vaping experience from the first draw to last.

The 3 easy to access heating cycles are all capable of producing satisfying vapor and works to stretch your herbs over the course of 3 separate sessions. Or if you prefer getting in a quick potent session ramp it right to heat cycle 3 and enjoy a very robust session with tons of visible vapor.

The Zeus Arc GT version provides an all gold vapor path capable of producing some seriously impressive vapor capable of giving even its larger sized rivals a run for their money.

While the standard Zeus Arc is no slouch, swapping the highly conductive gold plating for stainless steel and offering satisfactory performance for a lower price, for the marginal difference in price we strongly recommend upgrading to the GT from the beginning.

Right now the Zeus Arc is slated for a November 1st launch, so be sure to keep an eye on TVAPE.Com for more details and the eventual pre-order.

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      technically the arc screen is not a traditional screen that gets messed up and unusable. you can clean it on the fly with the tool of the unit. if you look at the screen you see it doesnt have holes. so it doesnt have the upkeep of a regular screen and last much longer too. if you maintain it well, it really wouldnt need replacing as the stainless steel is pretty thick and its more of a component that a disposable part.


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