Zeus Armor Hard Case Review
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Welcome to the Vapesterdam review of the Zeus Armor Hard Case! This item is for the vape enthusiast looking to keep their portable devices and accessories all in one convenient traveler. Sturdy as many vaporizers can be, they are valuable devices worth taking the best care of when at home or in transit.

With continually rising popularity of portable vaporizers but not as many options for conveniently carrying them, this case can potentially be a tremendous asset to any vaping fan. In this review, we will break down all the features of this portable vape case and determine how well it can serve you.

Product Pros

  1. Very high-quality build
  2. Fits almost all portable vaporizers
  3. Convenient for travel
  4. Sleek and inconspicuous design

Product Cons

  1. Cannot guarantee air-tight closure

Zeus Armor Hard Case: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is some serious protection for almost any size of portable vaporizer. The solid clamshell unit offers significant overall protection for portable vapes. Well-secured weaved fabric on the outer shell provides additional cushioning for when the case is inevitably dropped onto a hard surface. The outer zipper helps to significantly, but not entirely, minimize odor leakage, as well as provide additional stability.

Anyone who has dealt with carrying vaporizers and additional components will certainly find relief in being able to carry all their essentials in one convenient spot. The case is resistant to shock and splash, making it very appealing for outdoor use.

Under the front flap is the primary storage space, with a custom foam lining designed to house additional accessories (including a custom space specifically for holding a grinder and herbs). This foam lining keeps accessories secure without encroaching on the ample space for your vapes above the front flap. It is nigh on impossible at this point to imagine a more solidly build carrying case for vapes and accessories while still maintaining a sleek look and generally low profile.



The Zeus Armor Hard Case is certainly a discreet way to store your vape equipment and accessories wherever you are. The smooth, rounded design can easily pass for a camera case or similar storage case for electronics; even when just left around the house, it is highly unlikely anyone would think of this case as being used for anything besides general electronics.

The outer zipper helps to keep odors to an absolute minimum, though it is not airtight so a recently used device or fresh herbs may leave a faint scent when stored in the case immediately after use. Nonetheless, the Zeus Armor satisfies in discreetness as it manages to be both stylish and as inconspicuous as one could reasonably expect.

Zeus Armor Case with Zeus Bolt Grinder


Look and Feel

Look & Feel: The Zeus Armor Hard Case looks as serious as it sounds, but this piece is not just for the advanced connoisseur. The versatile use of space within the case makes it very appealing for anyone looking to protect their gear while on the go.

The front flap inside is the case is a solid backing with an elastic case designed to hold most portable vaporizer sizes. Larger units such as the Mighty or the Arizer Solo will not fit in this pouch, but can be rested directly on the front flap. The outer zipper, strong clamshell design, and additional cushioning fabric keeps the unit with a secure level of protection from wear and tear. The ease of access and convenient storage for vape equipment makes the Zeus Armor not just an essential for travel but also a handy organizational tool for keeping vapes and accessories around the house.

A carrying strap is included for extra convenience, allowing users to carry the case either like a purse or a football (whichever is their proclivity). The relatively compact design also makes it easy to carry either on its own or in a backpack or larger purse.



The only portable vaporizers which would not fit into this case would most certainly be stretching the definition of “portable”. The savvy design of the Zeus Armor Hard Case allows for significant and convenient storage. This case is able to house not only almost all portable vaporizers, but also additional accessories such as a charger, grinder, additional mouthpieces, and herbs.

The case can also easily house e-cig vapes, papers, and pipes for a more comprehensive travel selection. The separation of contents within the case efficiently uses space without worry of crushing your vape or accessories. Simply put, this is about as much storage a case can offers for these items without compromising quality.


The Zeus Armor Hard Case is about as essential a case can be for someone looking to protect high-quality vaporizers and accessories for any length of travel. This is especially true for carrying units with glass components, such as the Arizer Solo or Air, or the DaVinci Ascent. Not only does the case provide a high level of protection for your devices, but also keeps your arsenal organized and easy to travel with. This will especially benefit owners of premium vaporizers such as the Pax 3 or Firefly 2 as they can keep their quality equipment in the best shape possible while making portability even easier. The Zeus Armor Hard Case is an essential item for vape aficionados on the go, even if it’s just for the night.

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