ZEUS Iceborn Review – A Game Changing Vaporizer Accessory
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Welcome to our review of the Iceborn by ZEUSArsenal, the Canadian manufacturer of the Smite vaporizer. This is an exciting new vaporizer accessory that was just released, so if you haven’t heard of it, prepare to be intrigued. The basic premise is that the Iceborn upgrades your unit and allows your vapor to be ice-filtered before reaching your lungs, giving a nice boost to the overall vapor quality that your unit can put out. And no, you don’t have to have a ZEUS vaporizer for this to work, it actually works with a surprising amount of different vapes.

Basically, the Iceborn can work with any unit that is capable of having a whip attached to its mouthpiece. Using it is conveniently simple as well: all you have to do is fill it with water to a pre-marked line, pop it in your freezer, then connect it to your vape with the provided tubing once the water is frozen. A separate whip with mouthpiece comes out of the Iceborn, and you use that to take draws of vapor like normal.

All this serves to significantly cool down the vapor that your unit puts out. This means no more irritatingly hot vapor, which is the number one complaint of vaporizer users according to a survey, but it also means that you’ll be able to take deeper and longer draws, providing more vapor and bigger clouds

Product Pros

  1. Delivers cool, refreshing vapor
  2. Upgrades overall vapor quality of your vaporizer
  3. Works with many different units
  4. Very easy to use
  5. More efficient than using a bong
  6. Allows bigger vapor clouds

Product Cons

  1. A bit of an investment

Iceborn : Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

ZEUSArsenal spent years working on the design of the Iceborn, and that commitment to quality shows. The main chamber and the lid are made of food and dishwasher safe plastic, while the internal stems are 100% aluminum. The rest of the parts (whips, washers, etc…) are all food-grade silicon. The real thing to note here though is the design quality. Water filtration (especially ice water) is not ideal because as vapor passes through the water, the vaporized oils cool down and some percentage of them inevitably change state and are left behind in the water. The ZEUSIceborn only cools down the air, meaning there is no extra medium for the oils to pass through and get filtered out. If you didn’t follow that explanation, the point is that with the Iceborn’s design, you get better quality vapor not only due to the temperature but also thanks to the overall strength of the vapor delivered to your lungs. In short, it’s much more efficient than using a bong.


Vapor Quality

The magic of the Iceborn is that it will improve the vapor quality of any vaporizer you can use it with, no matter how good the vapor is to begin with. The conception for this device came from a survey of vaporizer users who voiced their number one complaint/pet peeve as irritatingly hot vapor. From anecdotal evidence, this seems to hold up when looking at forums and reviews. The cooler the vapor, the more pleasant the experience and you can’t go wrong with ice-filtered vapor.

How much this helps will likely depend on how much you have a problem with your vapor temperature, but in general the ZEUS Iceborn will always cool down your vapor to a frosty level, giving it better flavor and allowing you to take longer and deeper draws thanks to the increased smoothness. You’ll likely find yourself enjoying your vapor much more, coughing a lot less and blowing massive clouds.


ZEUS Iceborn with vapor


Look and Feel

The Iceborn doesn’t look like any vaporizer or vaporizer accessory that we’ve ever seen, but with that being said, it’s very sleek and true to the uniform, ZEUS branding . The all black design is nice, especially the tubing/whip covers. As any seasoned vape user can tell you, tubes tend to get a yellowish-brown tint after even a few uses. The black sleeve over the tubes keeps this looking fresh. Beyond that, the whole thing feels durable so you don’t have to worry too much while using it. This isn’t something that should be used when discretion is important however, because it’s so unique looking it’s sure to be a headturner.


Ease of Use

The Iceborn comes with a full set of instructions that are easy to follow, but the whole process is simple to begin with. Actually using it is extremely easy: you just take draws from the whip like you normally would. The only new thing to learn is the set-up, but even that is straightforward. You fill the chamber with water to a premarked line, put the lid on and put it in the freezer, then wait for the water to freeze. The ZEUS Iceborn comes with the tubing you need to connect it to your vaporizer and to use as your whip. That’s it!


This is a game changer of an accessory. Not everyone will feel the same way, naturally as, your ultimate benefit will depend on a variety of things, including how good your vapor quality is to begin with, how much the temperature and harshness of your vapor bothers you, and also how important portability is to you as this is best used at home.

So why are we calling it a game changer? Because this is an innovative and well-built accessory that finally brings reliable and efficient ice-filtration to the world of vaporizers. This improves the vapor quality of any unit it can be used with by at least 20%. That’s a powerful device! Hopefully this will also inspire some new innovations moving forward, and in the meantime we’re very comfortable recommending and enjoying this.

You can pick up your Iceborn from TVape.com, they have free shipping on orders over $100.

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