The ZEUS Smite Plus Vaporizer – Upgraded Smite and still affordable!
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality75%
Look and Feel80%
Difficulty 70%

Welcome to our review of the ZEUS Smite Plus portable vaporizer! The second generation model of ZEUSArsenal’s popular first dry herb vaporizer, the ZEUS Smite, is finally here – and we’re excited to see how it performs! ZEUSArsenal has been working on this upgrade since right after the first one came out, listening to feedback from both professional reviewers and all the vape aficionados out there. It looks like they really tried to squeeze some premium vaporizer features into the Smite Plus without sacrificing its value-based price. But enough talk; let’s check out the ZEUS Smite Plus portable vaporizer to see how it’s been improved from the original.

Product Pros

  1. 4-bar battery indicator
  2. LED screen
  3. Precise temperature control from 40°C to 222°C
  4. Whopping 3 hour battery life
  5. Easy cleaning and maintenance of chamber and mouthpiece
  6. Usage is incredibly simple and intuitive

Product Cons

  1. Comes with a silicone mouthpiece that can be replaced with glass; would be better if it came with the glass mouthpiece
  2. The unit can get a bit hot

ZEUS Smite Plus Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Just like you’d expect from ZEUSArsenal, the overall quality of the materials used to make the Smite Plus is top notch. They’ve made a bunch of improvements from the previous model, including better quality buttons, optimized screens, and a much higher quality plastic for the sliding lids. The unit comes in an sleek aluminum shell and the design details, like the ‘Z’ logo, ventilation grates and gently curving edges, are very well done. Another important improvement in the Smite Plus is the battery. It comes with a new, second generation lithium ion battery that boasts a whopping three hour lifespan (just like the original, but still worth noting!) which can be tracked by the LED battery display also included on the unit. It will also automatically save on battery life for you by putting itself into a ‘sleep’ mode after 5 minutes of not being used.

The Smite Plus also comes with a year’s warranty, so even if any of the quality manufacturing were to be faulty, you’d be taken care of – but we’ve heard that there is a very low defect rate of these units.


Vapor Quality

Because the Smite Plus has a much more robust temperature control than the original, over a large range of temperatures – between 40 and 222 degrees Celsius, you can control the temperature of your vapor down to the individual degree! Though the previous model’s 3 settings were pretty flexible, the Smite Plus lets the very particular vaping enthusiast fine tune their experience even more intensely than before. So, whether you want thin clouds of vapor full of flavor or denser draws that have you breathing thunder clouds, the Smite Plus gives you the control. The Smite Plus, like the first generation, includes an entirely ceramic heating chamber. This makes sure that your entire herb gets heated evenly and efficiently – so that none of it gets wasted or burnt. This also keeps the vapor as consistent as possible so you can take draw after draw of the same great vapor. Finally, unlike cheaper vaporizers with plastic mouthpieces, the Smite Plus comes with a silicone mouthpiece. Silicone mouthpieces don’t affect the flavor of your vapor at all, which is awesome. But, you can also pick up a glass mouthpiece separately if you prefer, and it’ll even be easier to clean, to keep your vapor fresh and pure.



Look and Feel

The Smite Plus inherits a lot of the great style of its previous model – just looking at it; you immediately note its sleek design. The ‘Z’ patterned vent looks smooth as anything and lights up when the unit is being used. The entire build feels very well put together, especially with the incredibly cool hidden chamber for the mouthpiece. As previously mentioned, the buttons and sliding lids are also improved, and they feel sleek, sturdy and much higher quality than the original Smite’s. The quality of the manufacturing and materials really shows, and it wouldn’t be difficult to assume that this vaporizer cost you a lot more than its actual price.



There are few things more discreet than a little black box. Seriously though, the size and shape of the Smite Plus make it super easy to hide and when the mouthpiece is put away, the entire thing can easily fit in your pocket without much of a problem. The LED displays are easy to cover up with your hand and, thanks to the versatile temperature control; you have full discretion over just how visible your clouds are. Overall, if you’re looking for a vape that can go incognito at a moment’s notice, the Smite Plus is a great option.


Ease of Use

Though a bit more complicated than the original Smite, the Smite Plus still reigns with a simplicity that would be difficult to mess up. You turn it on by clicking the power button five times and control the temperature with the intuitive up and down buttons – they only control the temperature, so there’s nothing to get confused about. A light illuminates the heating chamber, so you can load it and keep an eye on it mid session without having to fumble around in the dark. Battery life and vaping temperature are displayed at all times so you’ll always know everything that’s going on with your unit, down to the last degree. Finally, the Smite Plus is a dream for cleaning because all that ever needs to be cleaned is the heating chamber and the mouthpiece – which is removable anyway and super easy to clean with some solution.



The Smite Plus is about the size of a thick cellphone, and just as easy to slip into a pocket while on the go. Being able to store the mouthpiece inside the unit is extra convenient, since it reduces the profile of the unit to just a hand-sized box – additionally, you can have a clear conscience knowing that none of the pieces are going to get latched on to something in your bag or pocket and break. Finally, the fact that the Smite Plus’ battery lasts as long as it does makes it absolutely perfect for vaping on the go – you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery without warning, so you can just keep on going.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.


ZEUSArsenal has really outdone themselves with this unit. The features that come standard with the Smite Plus are comparable and even superior to many units that will run you hundreds of dollars, and yet they manage to sell it for under $200. Seriously, we don’t know of any other vape for this price that will offer you an LED display, battery indicator, precise temperature control and great vapor. So, if you’re on a budget but still want a vaporizer of incredible quality and workmanship, the Smite Plus is for you.

Seem like a good deal? We definitely think so! If you want to pick one up and try for yourself, the ZEUS Smite Plus can be purchased from the authorized vaporizer store we recommend, tax free and with free shipping if you follow the link on the right or at the bottom if you are on a mobile device.

We also wanted to suggest you check out a cool, new the vapor filtration device, called the ZEUS Iceborn that makes a great addition to the Smite Plus. We recently reviewed it and were blown away by how it cools down even some of the hottest vapour with ice, bumping up its vapor quality by 2 points! The Iceborn is also much more efficient than filtering your vapor with a bong, and allows you to blow massive frosty clouds. You can read our review of the Iceborn here!

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