iStick Pico Resin Review

Eleaf iStick Pico Resin Review – Another Pico?

Eleaf is back with a new iStick Pico Resin and it has a new design. The new iStick Pico Resin is basically the same iStick Pico Resin from last year but has a new resin design and is now paired with the Eleaf...
iStick Melo Review

Eleaf iStick Melo Review – Melo Out

Eleaf is known for making products aimed at vaping beginners or novices that is very simple and easy to use but also has features that most advanced mods have. Eleaf’s new iStick Melo and Melo 4 tank kit is...
istick pico Review

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 with ELLO Review

Eleaf is known for putting out products that help new vapers step up to the next level. While the first iStick Pico is being marketed as a beginner’s vaping device, it has a bunch of features that makes it...
iStick Trim Review

E-Leaf iStick Trim Review – Just the Trimmings

Eleaf’s latest foray into the world of starter kits comes in the form of the iStick Trim. Bundled with the equally slim GSTurbo tank, the entire mod and tank combo sports a thickness/diameter of only 15 mm,...