Smok X Priv Baby Review

Smok X Priv Baby Kit Review – Oh Baby

Just like its older brother, the original X Priv, the Smok X Priv Baby retains the design and aesthetics but in a smaller form factor which is very beneficial to its portability and ergonomics but has a few...
Smok I-Priv Review

Smok I-Priv Kit Review – I Am I-Priv

Have you ever imagined a vape mod with an artificial intelligence or AI like Jarvis in the Iron Man movies? I didn’t until the Smok decided to bring this concept to life. The Smok I-Priv is the first ever...
Vaporesso Orca Solo Review

Vaporesso Orca Solo Review

Vaporesso is back with another starter kit and this time, it is in the form of a vape pen. The Vaporesso Orca Solo is a very simple all in one device made for the vaping newbies who are looking for an...