Dazzvape Acus Review

Dazzvape Acus Review – An Inexpensive Mess

Today we are reviewing the Dazzvape Acus. This is a wax pen known for its cheap price tag and beginner friendly setup. However, we recommend reading this review before making a purchase. Although it seems like...
Aspire Puxos Review

Aspire Puxos Kit Review – Pucker Up

Aspire has always been the company that is consistent in producing devices that are powerful and full of features but I think this is also the first time they invested a lot of time in the design department as...
Vaporesso Polar Review

Vaporesso Polar Review – Polar Vortex

Vaporesso is a vape company well known for making great and advanced products for the vaping masses. Their mods are usually full of features and they also have a wide variety of sub-ohm atomizers that received...
Aspire Spryte Review

Aspire Spryte Review – Vaping Fantasy

High quality and consistency are some of Aspire’s strong suits ever since and it continues on when they made the Breeze and Breeze 2 which vapers, whether new or veterans really loved as these are the most...
Kanger XLUM Review

Kanger XLUM Review – Is Kanger Back?

The Kanger XLUM sports a modern and hip design with bold colors that are crafted with quality in mind. Accessibility is one of KangerTech’s strengths as a vape company and by knowing them all these years, it...
Vaporesso Armour Pro Review

Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit – Armour for Vapor

There are a lot of options these days when it comes to vape mods. If you are looking to buy your first mod or if you just want a shiny new one, it is not just the design you are going to look into. There are a...
Khree UFO Review

Khree UFO Pod Vape Review – Space Invaders

The Khree UFO is an all-in-one pod style vaporizer that lets you vape 2 different e liquid flavors in 1 mod. That is its main selling point and it basically solves some vapers problem with having to switch...