evic Primo Fit Review

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Review – A Primo Vape?

The Joyetech eVic line can be categorized as a starter to mid-range mod and that is the main reason why new vapers tend to go with it as their first device. While the eVic mods are not as powerful as most...
Eleaf Lexicon Review

Eleaf Lexicon Review – Vaping Language

Just like in the tech world or specifically, the PC world, RGB LEDs are now the norm on all the components and they are not just a niche or unique design. Some companies are still testing the waters but Eleaf...
Bo One Review

Bo One Kit Review – One Pod to Rule Them All?

All the vapers I know, including me, own a pod-style vaporizer because of its simplicity and style. The market for pod style devices are very saturated now but the Bo One all in one pod device made by a...
Black Rock OG Review

Black Rock OG Ceramic Vaporizer Review

Today we are reviewing the Black Rock OG Ceramic Vaporizer. This is a wax pen made for on the go draws and portability. The unit functions similar to a portable eNail, as it lets you take draws discreetly and...
Smok X Force Review

Smok X Force Kit Review – Use the Force

The X Force is the new all in one box mod kit from Smok that features a very minimalist design and simple operation. It has a new style of replaceable coil which is called the transverse coil and it is...
Smok G Priv Baby Review

Smok G Priv Baby Review – The Straight G

Small mods are becoming a trend and it goes the same with the newest addition to Smok’s G Priv lineup, the G Priv Baby. Even though it is smaller, it has the same look and feel, and it features the same...
Smok Priv M17 Review

Smok Priv M17 Starter Kit Review

Starter kits are in full bloom and this is one of the reasons why many smokers decide to switch to vaping. Most starter kits today have features that you can also see on the more advanced mods and it is not...
Aspire Breeze 2 Review

Aspire Breeze 2 All in One Kit Review

There a lot of starter kits on the market but we have come to a point where the pod style vaporizers are the most accepted beginner device because of its simplicity and ease of use. Aspire is one of the many...