Joyetech Batpack Review

Joyetech Batpack Kit Review – Double A

AA batteries are very popular as they have long been accepted a safe power source and it is not very surprising that mods that utilize AA batteries start emerging again. Joyetech is the first to bring back...
Smok X Priv Baby Review

Smok X Priv Baby Kit Review – Oh Baby

Just like its older brother, the original X Priv, the Smok X Priv Baby retains the design and aesthetics but in a smaller form factor which is very beneficial to its portability and ergonomics but has a few...
Voopoo MOJO Kit Review

Voopoo MOJO Kit Review – Vaping Mojo

Voopoo is a vape company widely known for their Gene chip. The Gene chip is one of the best modchips on the market that rivals the OMNI board of Vaporesso and even the DNA chip. Today, we will be taking a look...
Smok I-Priv Review

Smok I-Priv Kit Review – I Am I-Priv

Have you ever imagined a vape mod with an artificial intelligence or AI like Jarvis in the Iron Man movies? I didn’t until the Smok decided to bring this concept to life. The Smok I-Priv is the first ever...