If you’re an Arizer fan, you might feel spoiled for choice. With the launch of the Air 2, you now have an embarrassment of riches to choose from. Today, we’re going to compare the Air 2 and the Solo 2, to help you decide which one is for you.


Vapor Quality

Arizer Air 2

The vapor quality is exactly what you’d expect from an Arizer model.

Although it’s smaller in stature than Arizer’s other models, the Air 2 gives little away in quality when it comes to handling your herbs. It comes with a ceramic heating chamber, which delivers a very pleasant clean-tasting flavor.

And after a couple of draws to kick in, you’ll soon be producing very large high-quality clouds.

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2, however, is a real powerhouse, producing fantastic flavor while generating big lung-filling clouds. It uses the same ceramic heaters, stainless steel bowls and glass stem system that the Air 2 uses, so the taste and feel of the vapor is pretty much identical. The Solo 2 produces top quality flavor and clouds so much quicker and for longer, giving it the edge.

Critics of the Air 1 and 2 have pointed to draw restrictions associated with their vapes’ glass stems. This has been taken on board by Arizer in the Solo 2, and what draw restriction there is (if any) is pretty negligible.



Vapor Quality Winner: Solo 2


Build Quality

Arizer Air 2

Like all Arizer models, the Air 2 is a very dependable device. It has a ten-minute auto-shut off for safety. It also has removable batteries, which means you can replace them if and when they fail. The device can also be used while being charged. All of which means that, if you plan ahead, you never run out of power.

The Air 2 is also designed for ease of use. It works with a one button system. You simply choose between five different heat settings to find your ideal temperature, and you can unlock each setting for more precision temperature control. The device heats up quickly in less than two minutes, giving you only a short wait before you can start vaping.

Arizer Solo 2

With the Arizer Solo 2, Arizer has made sure every ounce of quality has gone into making sure the herbs are treated carefully enough in order to draw the best flavor out of them. Part of this quality includes precise temperature control which can be used to fix your temperature settings down to the degree. One massive improvement over the original Solo is the inclusion of an LED display instead of just temperature light indicators. This is what makes precise temperature control possible.

The heat-up time of the Solo 2 is also impressive, coming in at around 20 seconds. No matter how many times a day you vape, you can fire-up in seconds.


Build Quality Winner: Solo 2



Arizer Air 2

In terms of battery life, we found the Air 2 to last about 120 minutes between charges.

This equates to about 4 – 6 sessions per charge. This is a pretty decent performance for when you’re out and about.

Arizer Solo 2

Like the Air 2, the Solo 2 is small and compactly designed. This makes it easy to tote around. And like the Air2, the IQ also has a replaceable battery, which can be charged outside of the device.

In terms of battery life, the Solo 2 will give you three straight hours between charges.

However, while the Solo II has a slightly slimmer profile compared to the original Solo, only the Air 2 is truly pocketable.



Portability Winner: Air 2



Arizer Air 2

The Arizer Air 2 has been described as the Mini Solo. This was because it performed as well as the Solo, but was much more compact, a lot stealthier and a lot more portable, fitting easily in the palm of your hand. In this respect, it is still more discreet than the Solo 2.

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 is a good bit smaller than the first Solo, but it’s still quite large and not all that discreet. Perhaps to compensate, it comes with a discreet and convenient carry case, which also keeps everything safe and hidden.



Discreetness Winner: Air 2


Winner: Arizer Solo 2

It’s difficult to pin down just which is the best. A lot will depend on what matters most to you personally.

Both the Air 2 and the Solo 2 produce excellent quality vapor, though the power of the Solo 2 delivers it faster and for longer. The Solo 2 has much longer battery life, but with a little foresight you shouldn’t run out of juice when you’re out and about with the Air 2 either. Both are well-built and stylish designs, and both are tough and robust pieces of kit.

In terms of portability and discreteness, we’d come down on the side of the Air 2. In terms of portability, the Air 2 is just one step up from a pen vape. With the mouthpiece removed, the whole unit is incredibly portable. Likewise, because of its size and shape, the Air 2 is just a lot more discreet to use than the Solo 2.

However, in the final analysis, the winner by a nose is the Solo 2 on the basis of superior vaping power and battery life.

If you are thinking of picking up a Arizer Solo 2 or the Arizer Air 2, we recommend grabbing them from TVape.com, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

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