Canada vs Germany – Arizer Air 2 vs Crafty. This is the battle of the younger smaller siblings. The Air 2 is the smaller portable unit offered by Arizer and the Crafty is the smaller portable unit offered by Storz and Bickel. Both of these devices are high performing top build quality devices that come in at over $200. Today we put them side by side to see which one we think comes out as a winner. We will be taking a closer look at the build quality, vapor quality, portability, and discreteness of each to see which we think you may like best for specific reasons.


Vapor Quality

Air 2

Arizer Air 2

The vapor quality of the Air 2 is top tier, close to being the best. It’s smooth and full of taste, although it’s not as dense and free flowing as the Crafty it is very very good. The glass mouthpiece is where we think the Air 2 gains ground.

The Air 2 provides a smooth very cool draw that lets you enjoy the full flavor profile of your material. This is due to the isolated all-glass vapor path. The glass path which doubles as the oven chamber that holds your herbs is easy to keep clean and avoids flavour contamination from plastics, glues and electronics that may come into play in other devices.

A drawback to the glass mouthpiece stem and material holder is that it constricts airflow. Air 2 is improved over the original Air, but it falls a bit short when compared to the industry leading Crafty in terms of vapor quality.


The Crafty uses convection heating to vape materials. In a convection vaporizer your herbs are cooked by passing hot air through your herbs opposed to conduction, rather than by direct contact with the heating element.

The Crafty has been the go to device in the portable vaporizer category since it was released in 2014. It was the first unit to provide convection vaporization and brought a new trend to the vaporizer industry.

Convection was usually reserved for desktop units like the Volcano which is also offered by Storz and Bickel. Each draw from the Crafty delivers a smooth, tasty vapor experience. The ease of use with the Crafty is very straightforward and simple, the learning curve to get great vapor is almost non-existent.



Vapor Quality Winner: Crafty


Build Quality

Air 2 in hand

Arizer Air 2

The Canadian manufacturer Arizer is known for the high manufacturing quality of its products. They’re durable and easy to care for. The desktop model the Extreme Q, the SOlo and the Air are all top build quality. One of the things that makes the Arizer Air 2 less durable however is the glass component mouthpiece stems.

One advantage that the Air 2 does have over the Crafty is its removable battery. If the Air 2 for whatever reason stops working it could be as simple as replacing the battery. In both cases if you were to get a device with a faulty battery they would be covered under warranty. But for situations like long camping trips where extra batteries could come into play the Air 2 has an advantage.

The Air 2 I think overall has a better build quality than the Crafty. We have never been a huge fan of the look or feel of the crafty and think that it could be upgraded to be a more durable device.


The overall build quality of the Crafty is definitely the area that brings this ever so popular device down a  few notches. Yes the vapor production is perhaps one of the best in the industry, but if your device stands a higher percentage chance of breaking down that won’t account to much.

One thing that hurts the Crafty from an overall manufacturing standpoint is the internal non-removable battery. The Crafty’s battery does not have the greatest shelf life. After about maybe a year or so of use the battery will be noticeably worse and not last as long in between charges.

Since the battery is internal you will have to send the device in if this really starts to take notice and you will likely have to pay for a maintenance fee of some sort.


Build Quality Winner: Air 2



Pax 3 with concentrate lid

Arizer Air 2

The portability of the Air 2 is another area where the Crafty might have been beat. The battery that the Air 2 uses is very powerful and long lasting.

In terms of battery life, The Air 2 to last about 45 to 60 minutes between charges which is roughly equal to and in most cases a bit higher than the Crafty. This equates to about 3-6 sessions per charge.

The glass stem design of the Air 2 makes the Air 2 harder to travel with. You have to remove the stems from the device and carry them separately which means you need to travel with more things. Also, the fact they are glass means they are easier to break.


The Crafty is a fairly portable unit and is much smaller than its big brother the Mighty; The Crafty can easily fit in a pocket for convenient travel. Something that makes the Crafty good for on the go use is that it includes a stirring tool built into the device.

This stirring tool is a convenient way to mix up your material for more even vaping when you don’t have time to open the lid and mix things up. The Crafty being a convection heating unit does not require you to stir that often and you can go through an entire session fine without stirring but it is a nice feature to have.

The Crafty’s battery life is about 45 minutes so you will only get 2 – 3 sessions on a single charge, so it is not the best unit if you are going to be needing something for a full day of vaping, but does charge via USB and can be used while charging.



Portability Winner: Crafty



Pax 3 Back

Arizer Air 2

The Air 2 is similar in size to its predecessor. The Air 2 when fully assembled with the glass stem sits about 7 inches high. This object looks like something that raises questions and something that resembles a straw you would drink or suck from.

The Air 2 on a low temperature and with the dark colors it’s offered in is pretty discreet, but not as discrete as a convection vaporizer.


The Crafty is more compact than the Air II. It is shorter in size and can slip into your pocket without worrying that it may break.

Because the Crafty uses convection heating, your material cooks more so only when you draw from the device, with all the aroma coming from your exhales. This means that you have more control over when the vapor smell will be released into the air.



Discreetness Winner: Crafty

Air 2 showdown winner Winner: Crafty

This is a very close race between Canada and Germany. The Arizer Air 2 is newer and has a higher build quality and can last longer in between charges. The Crafty delivers great tasting vapor with no learning curve.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Crafty can also vaporize concentrates that Air 2 might have won this battle. The Crafty uses convection heating, and vapes multiple materials. It is for this reason that the Crafty has won this time.

For some people the Air 2 may be a better choice and the glass stem combined with the fast heating more powerful battery could be what’s right for you.

If you are thinking of picking up a Crafty or the Arizer Air 2, we recommend grabbing them from, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

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