USA vs Canada is the battle we have today. Two of the most portable vaporizers currently on the market. The top selling PAX 3 vaporizer vs the newly released Arizer Air 2. PAX 3 is loaded with features while the Air 2 lets its build quality and performance do the talking. Here we will take a look at the vapor quality, build quality, portability, and discreteness to see which comes out on top.


Vapor Quality

Air 2

Arizer Air 2

The vapor quality of the Air 2 is very similar to the original Air model which was extraordinary for its time. The Air 2 has built upon the power and speed while being able to maintain this same high quality of vapor output. If anything the vapor quality has improved a slight bit, but since it was already very high to begin itès hard to improve this area particularly. It’s smooth and full of flavor, although it has less functionality than the PAX 3 the purity of the vapor seems to be marginally better.

The Air 2 provides a smooth cool draw that stems from ts glass mouthpiece. The all-glass vapor path, which is easy to keep clean also avoids flavour contamination from any electrical components. The glass stem helps cool the vapor as you inhale, which gives a smoother taste over the material used by the PAX 3 mouthpiece.

A drawback with using the mouthpiece stem as a bowl as well as the mouthpiece, is that it constricts airflow. Air 2 goes some way toward fixing this, but it still falls short of the air-flow path of the PAX 3.

Pax 3

The PAX 3 uses conduction heating to heat dry herbs and concentrates. PAX is loaded with features that make the device very personal to the user using it. The PAX has an application that allows you to gain more control over things such as the vapor profile. You are able to use settings such as the stealth mode or boost mode to get what you are looking for.

The PAX 3 is much smaller than the Air 2 and its surprising that the two are pretty similar in power and vapor quality. The PAX 3 has been on the shelf for a much longer time and is more comparable to the Air original. The Air 2 has been rejuvenated and in my opinion delivers better vapor taste and density than the veteran PAX 3.



Vapor Quality Winner: Air 2


Build Quality

Air 2 in hand

Arizer Air 2

Arizer is one of the most well known vaporizer brands in terms of manufacturing quality. The customer feedback that Arizer receives in terms of product longevity is perhaps the best in the industry.

The weak part of the Air 2, however, is the same weak component that the Air original had. The glass tubes are not as durable as the rest of the device. Arizer uses high quality thick glass which is very durable but glass in general stands a higher chance of cracking and breaking. While glass delivers great vapor quality, it’s fragile and you can find yourself having to buy replacement parts a few times if you’re not careful.

One of the main advantages that the Air 2 does have over the PAX 3 is its external battery. If the Air 2’s battery fails at any point, whether it be for overuse or just dies in between charges, you can simply replace it and keep vaping. If the battery goes in the PAX 3, you’re looking at having to replace the vaporizer as a whole.

Arizer Air 2 has been upgraded to comes with precision temperature controls, ranging from 180-215°C which is displayed on the screen on the device. This temperature range is thanks to more sophisticated software than the original Air.

The Arizer Air 2 uses three buttons and a digital display to communicate information through. The screen makes using the Air 2 very user friendly and simple. The bottom button is the on-off switch which you press 5 times to turn on and off. The power button also doubles as the menu button to access all the device’s settings. The top two buttons are + and – buttons for temperature control adjustment. This gives the user enhanced temperature control compared to the original Air.

Pax 3

The PAX 3 comes with quite the package. With the PAX 3 you get 3 oven lids, 2 mouth pieces, a packing tool, cleaning kit and screens. The PAX brand of vaporizers is the top selling brand in the industry for a reason. PAX prides themselves on making high quality high performance devices that are packed with functionality.

In terms of temperature control, the PAX 3 is a little more advanced than the Air 2. It features app connectivity and special modes. The PAX has built in games that work for either an individual or as a group. PAX 3 has not glass components that come with the standard package which means the overall build quality does not have any easily breakable parts.

Both the Air 2 and the PAX 3 are made with food safe materials and both have strong warranties in the industry with reputable customer service. The overall build quality for the PAX 3 and Arizer Air 2 are very close and it’s tough to decide which comes out on top for this aspect of the devices.


Build Quality Winner: Air 2



Pax 3 with concentrate lid

Arizer Air 2

The portability of the Air 2 is much the same as that of the original Air model. When you factor in the new external battery and improved battery life, the Air 2 has been much improved. That is a definite improvement.

In terms of battery life, we found the Air 2 to last about 45 to a little over 60 minutes. This equates to about 3-6 sessions per charge. That said, the Air 2 battery does have a higher capacity, faster charge time, and speedier heat up time than the original Air model.

The main issue in portability of the Air 2 remains the glass mouthpiece stems, which you have to remove from the device when you are travelling. Also, the fact they are glass means they are easily breakable and require more protection. You need to have something to carry the unit in, like a vaporizer case, and use caps for the stems. The last thing you want is a glass stem breaking in your pocket, and not being able to perform a session that you were looking forward to.

Pax 3

The PAX brand of vaporizers is all about being compact and pocket friendly. The PAX is very small and can easily be concealed with one hand. The mouthpiece for the PAX 3 sits flush with the top of the device while the second mouthpiece only sticks up a tiny bit.

PAX 3 comes in more color options than the Arizer Air 2 but both do come in dark colors which seem to be the most popular for vaporizer sales. The PAX and the Air both use strong batteries but for me it comes down to the fact that the Air 2 uses external batteries.

The ability to bring extra batteries on a camping trip or anywhere where there may not be a power outlet means that the Air 2 is a more portable unit.



Portability Winner: Pax 3



Pax 3 Back

Arizer Air 2

The Air 2 is available in both dark blue and black which are inconspicuous colors. The Air 2 can be used on a low temperature setting which will make the unit even more discrete and provide you with a more flavorful draw.

The size of the Air 2 is a bit larger than the PAX 3 and the glass stems make it more obvious that it’s something that you use in conjunction with your mouth.

Pax 3

This is one area where the PAX is nearly unbeatable. The PAX is a very discrete unit that only gets more discrete when you learn how to use some of its more advanced features.

On top of the temperature control options and wide temperature range you can turn on stealth mode to get low vapor production and high flavor.



Discreetness Winner: Pax 3

Air 2 showdown winner Winner: Air 2

Both the Air 2 and the PAX 3 are top of the line devices. Both are made by companies that deliver the customer service they say they do, and both back their warranties well. The overall vapor production, build quality and power of both units is impressive.

However, for us, the Arizer Air 2 has the edge. It gives a more flavorful hit that allows you to taste your material at a more pure level.

If you are thinking of picking up a Pax 3 or the Arizer Air 2, we recommend grabbing them from, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

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