The Vapesterdam Showdown is designed to take some of the most popular vaporizers and put them in a back-to-back challenge to see which one performs better for both the average customer and the elite connoisseur. This leads us to compete the all-mighty Crafty versus the new and improved Firefly. Both units are among the most expensive and highly touted portable vaporizers available today, but which one is most deserving of your hard-earned bucks? There can be only one…

Vapor Quality


Crafty makes some of the best portable vapor out there, period. As the first unit to use convection vaporization, the Crafty is a true trailblazer in vaporizing and the rest of the market has been playing catch-up since.

The flavor of the vapor remains surprisingly intact as well, considering the path is pretty much all plastic (including the cooling chamber). Users can start generating healthy-sized and flavorful vapor in seconds with the Crafty, as opposed to the learning curve draw of the Firefly 2. The associated mobile application also allows precise temperature control, as opposed to the pre-set temperatures of the Firefly 2.

This ease of access puts the Crafty just a bit over the Firefly 2, despite how delicious and fast the Firefly acts.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 provides a convection oven as well, with on-demand heating letting users get hits within seconds.

However, the Firefly 2 requires a bit more of a learning curve to obtain quality draws. The Firefly 2 does have an almost all-glass vapor path to keep flavors pure. Just keep in mind you will have to draw for 20-30 seconds each time to get the full effect, at least until you become more comfortable. Otherwise, you may end up feeling a bit cheated by the Firefly.  Also, while both the Crafty and the Firefly 2 rely on Bluetooth-connected apps to control temperatures, the Firefly 2 can only be adjusted through the app, which can be cumbersome for some users


Vapor Quality Winner: Crafty


 Build Quality


With the Crafty, Storz & Bickel has constructed a sturdy and reliable device while not being particularly concerned with aesthetics. The Crafty looks akin to a Black & Decker power tool, especially with the black plastic shell.

The non-removable battery of the Crafty is also a longer-term issue. The battery is supposed to last for approximately 40 to 60 hours of use, but after this point, the battery life will either deplete faster or stop operating altogether. For a fee, Storz & Bickel will replace the battery, but the user also has to send the unit to the company during this time. This can potentially be a frustrating situation, especially considering the hefty price tag of the Crafty. Heavy users would be advised to take this under consideration, as 40 hours of battery life could easily be used within the first year of owning a Crafty.

Firefly 2

If the Crafty is the Microsoft Windows of this equation, then the Firefly 2 is most certainly the Apple contender. Smaller, sleeker, and slicker, it is hard to argue with how good the Firefly 2 looks and feels in your hand.

The metal body and magnetic lid feel secure and strong, and the glass vapor path maintains maximum vapor taste. The Firefly 2 also comes with two removable batteries for optimum convenience, and more batteries can be easily obtained from the manufacturer.


Build Quality Winner: Firefly 2




Despite a bit of bulk, the Crafty fits easily in most pockets and won’t leave much of a suspicious look to your trousers. It carries well in a bag and should stand up well against general wear and tear.

The Crafty also comes with a handy-dandy stirring tool built in, which is greatly helpful for keeping herbs even while on the go. However, the cook is generally even enough one would be able to achieve a solid session without having to go for a poke-around.

The limited battery life of the Crafty is a slight hindrance here with 45 minutes or 2-3 sessions per battery charge. The battery is also not removable, so when it’s pooched, you’ll be at the mercy of Storz & Bickel to get it replaced (and it won’t be cheap or easy). However, the Crafty charges conveniently enough through USB, and can also be used while charging.

Firefly 2

Like the name suggests, the Firefly 2 is super-light and extremely small. Despite how compact and convenient the shape of the Firefly 2 is, it is difficult to keep an even cook of herbs going while in transit.

This is especially frustrating if you don’t already have a stirring tool on hand. This particular issue makes the Firefly 2 a better portable vaporizer for around-the-house type of use, rather than out and about in public spots.


Portability Winner: Crafty




While the Crafty does fit easily into pockets, the bulky, block-like shape is not necessarily the most discreet model around. While using the Crafty generally will not look any more suspicious than most e-cigarettes, you’re still pretty obviously chugging on a big portable vaporizer. The Firefly is almost transparent in comparison.

Plus, using the mobile application to adjust temperature settings will increasingly arouse curiosity (although this feature is also part of the Firefly 2 setup). 

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is very easy to set up and get using off the bat, which makes it appealing for newer users. The Firefly 2 is also one of the most compact vaporizers out there at the moment, as it fits easily in one’s hand and can be very easily carried or hidden.

While the Firefly 2 does appear to be the more discreet of the two vaporizers being compared, there are some items to consider. The longer draw time required of the Firefly, as well as having to stir herbs during a session to maintain an even cook is not quite our idea of “discreet”.


Discreetness Winner: Firefly 2


Pax vs Crafty - Winner: Crafty Vaporizer Winner: Crafty

We thought it would be impossible to call a winner here, as both the Crafty and the Firefly 2 have major advantages in each category.

As fantastic as the Firefly 2 is, we have to give it up to the Crafty just for how out-of-the-box effective it is. New users can go from zero to vaped in a matter of moments, and can control their vapor temperature without being forced to use the associated mobile application.

The Firefly 2 is a major force to be reckoned with, but it can take a few tries to really hit your stride. The sleek and compact design is a stellar build and worth the dough, but it’s all about the high-quality vapor and the Crafty just simply easier to get there. If you’re interested in the Crafty, check out the Vaporizera page for best pricing.

As always, thanks so much for reading our Showdown review of the Crafty vs the Firefly 2. Do you agree with our assessment? Let us know in the comments below!

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