The Utillian 420 hit the market with claims of being the ultimate solution to budget herb vaporizers. The aim was to provide a premium-feeling vaporizer with admirable specs costing less than $100. It was met with glowing reviews and a few minor complaints. The Utillian 421 is the next-generation model, and it aims to improve upon the Utillian 420. Utillian listened to the customer and responded to the criticism. So is the Utillian 421 the next big thing, or will it ultimately be overshadowed by its crowd-pleasing younger sibling? Read on to find out.

Vapor Quality

Utillian 420 vs Utillian 421 front display

Utillian 420

This is one area where the Utillian 420 and Utillian 421 are very similar, but there are subtle differences. The mouthpiece, herb chamber, and air path are nearly identical, so the vapor quality and vapor production from these devices are going to be very close. These devices aren’t producing the thickest clouds, but what did you expect from a budget vaporizer? For the price, the vapor quality is quite admirable.

Although the vapor production from both devices is rather average, the flavor isn’t! It’s quite delicious for any vaporizer, but it’s even more impressive when you take the extremely low price into consideration.

Utillian 421

The real difference in terms of the vapor is the adjustable airflow and 2 extra temperature settings. The airflow adjustment will change up the way the unit hits, but it doesn’t have any effect on the actual vapor quality. It’s still an awesome feature that we had to include, and we hope to see this become a trend within the herb vaping industry.

The extra temperature does however play a role in the quality of vapor, giving you more options to choose from rather than the basic 4. If you have the 420 and felt that you wished there was a temperature between your 2 favorites, now there is.

Regardless, the vaping experience that you get from the Utillian 421 is undeniably superior to that of the Utillian 420.



Vapor Quality Winner: Utillian 421


Build Quality

Utillian 420 vs Utillian 421 temperature display

Utillian 420

For a budget device (or any device for that matter) the Utillian 420 has a very impressive build quality. The ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece are premium components, and there’s a lot of detail present in the unit’s design.

This unit looks and feels extremely high-quality, and this fact can be partially attributed to the device’s finish. The steel body is anodized, and it looks great.

Utillian 421

There are a few differences between the build quality of the Utillian 420 and Utillian 421. We already mentioned the adjustable airpath. Beyond that, the only differences in terms of the build quality are the finish and height.  The Utillian 421 still has that beautiful anodized steel finish, but somehow they made it look even better.

The Utillian 421 is slightly taller than the Utillian 420, but the difference is quite minimal. It’s worth mentioning that the Utillian 421, unlike the 420, displays both the current temperature and selected temperature setting. This will make it far easier to know when to use the unit. Due to the adjustable airflow and improved finish, we’re going to give this one to the Utillian 421.


Build Quality Winner: Utillian 421



Utillian 420 vs Utillian 421 upper part

Utillian 420

The Utillian 420 is a fairly portable device, but it’s nowhere near perfect. The size makes it perfectly pocketable, but the glass mouthpiece will deter many users from carrying it around like that.

Portability-focused devices with glass mouthpieces really need to incorporate storage areas for them on the devices.

Utillian 421

The Utillian 421 is slightly more portable than the Utillian 420. It’s slightly taller than the Utillian 420, but the difference is so minimal that it won’t even noticeably affect the portability.  The 421 really gains an edge because of its improved battery life.

You’ll get an extra session or two with the Utillian 421. This has a huge effect on the portability because there’s nothing particularly portable about a unit that’s constantly tethered to a wall. Sure, the difference isn’t huge, but the Utillian 421 wins this round.



Portability Winner: Utillian 421


Utillian 420 vs Utillian 421 flat display

Utillian 420

The Utillian 420 has a fairly discreet design, but it could certainly be improved upon. The glass mouthpiece makes it blatantly obvious to everyone that this is either an e-cig or an herb vaporizer.

If the glass mouthpiece was storable, this could probably pass as a power bank, but the current design leaves very little to the imagination.

Utillian 421

The Utillian 421’s discreetness is almost the same as that of the Utillian 420, but it has one small advantage. The LED display isn’t quite as bright.

It isn’t a huge difference, but it’ll likely attract a little less attention. This round was very nearly a tie, but the Utillian 421 just barely takes the win here.



Discreetness Winner: Utillian 421

Utillian 420 vs Utillian 421 winner Winner: Utillian 421

Obviously, the Utillian 421 takes the gold. It’s an updated version of the Utillian 420, so a loss would be nothing short of an epic fail. The point of this battle wasn’t really to see which unit is better. We had this battle to see just how much better the Utillian 421 is.

That being said, the Utillian 421 is significantly better. You get more temperature options, more information on the display, an improved battery, adjustable airflow, and a slightly improved finish.

Sure, it’s a little taller, but they packed a lot more functionality into this one. We love the Utillian 421, and we’d have no problem recommending it to anyone on the hunt for a high-quality, budget vaporizer. Be sure to pickup yours from an authorized retailer.

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