Today’s showdown is between the hot new convection vaporizer on the block (Utillian 720) going against a high-end Storz & Bickel knockoff (the Boundless CFX). The Utillian uses convection heating to generate some of the most consistent quality vapor available, but the CFX’s inspired combination of convection and conduction cannot be denied.

Both devices are high-performing, especially for the price point, but which one is the better value? As per usual, Vapesterdam ran both these devices into the ground, all in search of the truth…

Vapor Quality

Utillian 720

The stainless steel heating chamber of the Utillian 720 uses convection heating to generate smooth and consistent vapor throughout your session. The 720 delivers this even at higher temperatures, allowing you to generate significant cloudiness without sacrificing much in the way of flavor and smoothness.

Boundless CFX

The CFX uses a large-size ceramic chamber heated by a combination of conduction and convection to heat botanicals. Like the 720, vapor quality is very pleasant at lower temperatures, if somewhat overcooked at higher heat. The CFX retains a bit more plastic taste for the first few draws, which slightly undermines what would otherwise be a winning vapor.


Vapor Quality Winner: Utillian 720


 Build Quality

Utillian 720

The Utillian 720 is one of the best-constructed portable vaporizers around, with an anodized aluminum shell and rubberized finish. The magnetic mouthpiece clip is also secure and convenient for loading on the go.

The 720 also boasts a more robust battery life than the CFX, as well as a more consistent battery indicator.

Boundless CFX

The CFX has a strong plastic build, but even the most well-designed of plastic vaporizers cannot compete with an aluminum shell (although the rubberized grip is a welcome addition which the 720 also possesses).

The large digital display of the Boundless CFX is also a major selling feature, but unfortunately these benefits cannot quite usurp the power of the 720’s reinforced construction and enhanced battery life.


Build Quality Winner: Utillian 720



Utillian 720

Side-by-side comparisons between the Utillian 720 and Boundless CFX reveal the 720 is pretty clearly the more portable unit.

Even if we could fit the CFX in a trouser pocket, we would still feel safer with the more solid construction of the 720 rather than the plastic of the CFX. The 720 also benefits from a longer battery life (90 minutes vs the 60 mins of the CFX).

Boundless CFX

While the size of the Boundless CFX is not exactly unreasonable for a high-quality portable vaporizer, it is too large to conceal in hand or easily carry in pants pockets.

Unless you have ample space in your coat or back, the Boundless CFX only really works for short-term portability. The 60-minute battery life and overall accessibility at least make the CFX a strong contender, however.


Portability Winner: Utillian 720



Utillian 720

The slim, flat shape of the 720 makes for a very low-key and discreet vaping experience; only a seasoned veteran would mistake the Utillian 720 for anything other than a standard e-cigarette model. The smaller shape of the 720 also makes it noticeably more discreet than the CFX, which struggles to fit into most pockets.

Using the Utillian 720 is very straightforward, as there is only one button to work from. Press the button 5 times to power the unit, 2 times to cycle through available temperatures, and holding the button enables and disables enhanced mode. This extra step makes the unit slightly more noticeable in public use, but size matters here and less is more.

Boundless CFX

Like the 720, 5 clicks of the power button turns the device on and off, and the up and down buttons are used to set the temperature. That’s it; no other button combinations to remember, or any further enhancements to consider.

This simplicity would normally be enough to get some pity points from us, as the CFX is a good model currently being slaughtered in this showdown and we appreciate the extra step of operating the 720 being taken away. However, the oversize shape of the CFX cannot be overlooked, and we cannot ignore the true champion.


Discreetness Winner: Utillian 720


Winner: Utillian 720  Not to put out the tremendous potential of the Boundless CFX, but the Utillian 720 just cannot be messed with in pretty much all regards. For portability and discreetness, as well as vapor and build quality, the 720 is just a little more on-point than the CFX, at least at this point. We are optimistic for Boundless to make further improvements on this model.

If you are already set on the Boundless CFX, then you likely will not be disappointed upon using it. However, over time, don’t be surprised if you start pining for the expansive convenience of the Utillian 720; as you can see, there are always improvements one can make for their vaping experience.


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