The Yocan Evolve and the ZEUS Thunder 2 are two vapes that are worth looking at when on the market for a new wax pen. They come at pretty different price points, so it’s a safe bet that the Thunder 2 is the better overall vaporizer, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the better deal. The only way to find out is to actually compare these two vapes. And to make this matchup even more interesting, we’ll also be taking notes on the Evolve Plus.


Vapor Quality

Yocan Evolve

Both the Evolve and the Evolve Plus come with dual quartz coil atomizers, which is a fairly standard approach for wax pens. The overall vapor quality it delivers is average. You can’t set the heat with either, but the longer you hold the button, the hotter they will get. Towards the end, the vapor can get downright harsh with both of the Evolve units.

You may like that if you are transitioning from traditional dab rigs, but it also kind of defeats the purpose of using an electronic unit by removing one of the main benefits.

Thunder 2

The Zeus Thunder 2 has a ceramic disk atomizer. This style of atomizer is used to deliver premium flavor, which is something that you definitely get from the Thunder 2.

Using this vaporizer will allow you to taste all the subtle flavor differences between different types of herbs. While you’ll be able to get bigger draws from the Evolve, the Thunder 2 delivers a much better overall experience.


Vapor Quality Winner: Thunder 2


Build Quality

Yocan Evolve

There is nothing special about the Evolve. The overall quality is average at best, and the design isn’t all that good either. But to simply say that this is a poorly made vaporizer isn’t exactly fair, because it is extremely cheap.

It’s functional and isn’t ugly, which isn’t bad at this price point. The Evolve Plus offers several improvements over the regular Evolve, including a bigger battery, a built in silicone storage jar, and a much bigger atomizer chamber.

Thunder 2

There’s no point in dancing around the fact that the Thunder 2 is the obviously better built vaporizer.

You don’t get a lot of the flexibility that you’ll find in more expensive vaporizers, but the Thunder 2 is calibrated to perform one job very well, and that’s delivering excellent flavor from an easy-to-use package.

Everything from the materials to the design is better when comparing the Thunder 2 to the Evolve.


Build Quality Winner: Thunder 2



Yocan Evolve

The Evolve is a very portable vaporizer. It’s a little under 5 inches long and extremely thin, making it very easy to carry around in your hand or pocket.

The Evolve Plus is wider, but the improved battery and included storage jar are definitely nice when on the go.

Thunder 2

The Thunder 2 is also a very portable vaporizer. It’s a little over 5 inches, but the total length difference between it and the Evolve is under half an inch.

Like the Evolve, it’s very easy to carry the Thunder 2 around with you in your hand or pocket. At the end of the day, each of these vaporizers is a good option if you want something portable.


Portability Winner: Draw



Yocan Evolve

The size and shape of the Evolve make it a good option if discretion is a concern for you. When traveling or moving, you can easily tuck it away somewhere that can’t be seen, even if all you have is the pocket in your pants.

It shouldn’t attract much attention when using it, but you’ll want to be careful because it can easily produce large vapor clouds and a noticeable smell.

Thunder 2

Just like the Evolve, the size and shape of the Thunder 2 make it a good option when you need to stay discreet. But this is true of most pen-style vapes.

There are two areas where the Thunder 2 really shines though. Visually, it looks more like traditional e-cigs because of the distinct tank area on top, which can be helpful if you don’t want people knowing you are vaping wax and concentrates.

On top of this, the fact that this is more flavor oriented means it’s easier to keep clouds and small down.


Discreetness Winner: Thunder 2


Winner: Thunder 2

The ZEUS Thunder 2 is our winner today!

Overall, this isn’t very surprising at all. There is a price difference between these two, and the Thunder 2 is obviously positioned and designed for the more refined experience. You’re going to get better vapor and a better overall build quality out of ZEUS’s offering.

With that being said, the price difference is something to consider. The Thunder 2 may be a much better vaporizer, but the Evolve still works and is attractive at the low price it’s offered at, especially for people with limited finances.

Making the decision here is easy. The Thunder 2 is better than the Evolve Plus which is better than the Evolve. Buy the best one that you can afford.

Remember, this post is our opinion on the matter, and opinions vary. We’d love to know yours, so please comment below if you’ve tried any of these and have something to say…

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