The Zeus Arc has been receiving a lot of well-deserved attention from the vape nation recently. It’s shaking up the industry by posing fierce competition to its rivals. There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s receiving its due spotlight. It’s new, powerful, and certainly flashy, but it isn’t the only herb vaporizer that can make those claims.

The Ghost MV1 isn’t quite as new as the Zeus Arc, but it is, nevertheless, a relatively new device. It has a few benefits that will tip the scale for some. Both of these devices are great, but each is great for a different kind of vaper. Let’s take a look at both of these units, talk about their unique advantages, and determine which will be the best for you.

Vapor Quality

Ghost MV1 side view

Zeus Arc

The vapor quality that you get from the Zeus Arc is nothing short of outstanding, but to get the best performance, there’s a certain way to pack the herb chamber. It does well enough with a loose pack, but ideally, it should have a medium-tight pack. Avoid overpacking as this will ruin your vape session. You want to get as much herb as you can in there without restricting the airflow.

The Zeus Arc’s vapor production is one of its most impressive features, especially for its compact size. It has three heat settings. The lowest heat setting produces a lot more vapor than you’d expect. It’s closer to the medium heat setting of most herb vaporizers in terms of performance.

The Zeus Arc’s medium heat setting could shame the vast majority of herb vaporizers at their highest heat setting. The Arc’s third and highest heat setting is simply ridiculous with vapor production matched only by much larger devices.

Ghost MV1

Speaking of larger devices, let’s talk about the Ghost MV1. It has four heat settings, and its range is very similar to that of the Zeus Arc. The highest temperature setting on the MV1 is comparable to that of the Zeus Arc. It’s worth mentioning that the Ghost MV1 can vaporize concentrates as well as dry herb.

The MV1 is a convection vaporizer, which means that the herb doesn’t come in contact with any kind of heating element. Rather, hot air is generated, and it’s pulled through the herb chamber when you take a draw, causing your herb to vaporize.

The Ghost MV1 boasts superb flavor. This could be due to its convection heating style or its larger size and longer air path. In any case, the Ghost MV1’s flavor is slightly superior to that of the Zeus Arc’s.



Vapor Quality Winner: Ghost MV1


Build Quality

Zeus Arc side view

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc is one of the most attractive vaporizers on the market right now, but it isn’t all about looks. The Zeus Arc is durable as well. Shaking it won’t cause any noticeable rattling, and the device isn’t annoyingly heavy.

It has a premium heft to it that makes it feel high-quality, but it won’t become tedious to use mid-session. It’s certainly the lightest herb vaporizer to boast vapor production like this.

Ghost MV1

The Ghost MV1 is a sturdy little device that could probably survive its fair share of drops, although we don’t advise testing this theory. However, there are a few problems with the overall build quality.

It has a removable herb chamber dubbed “the crucible” that fits onto an arm that swings out from inside the unit. Getting the crucible to rest on the arm isn’t extremely difficult, but it’s a finicky process. The MV1’s build quality can’t match that of the Zeus Arc’s.


Build Quality Winner: Zeus Arc



Zeus Arc detached

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc is a unique case when it comes to portability. It isn’t the most portable herb vaporizer by any means, but it’s certainly the most portable herb vaporizer with vapor production of this volume.

It’ll easily slide into your pocket while rivaling devices that you’d likely just leave at home.

Ghost MV1

The Ghost MV1 is a great vaporizer, but it’s not very portable. You could uncomfortably manage to squeeze it into a pocket, but honestly, this is an at-home portable vaporizer.

There’s no shame in that as the flavor would likely suffer if the device were smaller. There’s always a trade-off between the vapor quality and the size of the device.



Portability Winner: Zeus Arc


Ghost Mv1 in hand

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc’s small form factor does it a lot of favors in terms of its discreetness. The lights on the side can attract some attention, but from a distance, the Arc kind of just looks like a power bank with lights indicating the battery’s charge level. It isn’t the most discreet vaporizer out there, but it won’t turn too many heads either.

Ghost MV1

The Ghost MV1, on the other hand, demands attention. Nothing is shaped quite like it, and the reflective chrome-like surface will draw attention. This device is really only discreet if you’re carrying it into a sci-fi convention along with matching Star Trek cosplay.

The Ghost MV1 is a device that looks like it would produce laser blasts before it produced vapor. The design won’t be for everyone, but it has a certain appeal. However, the bottom line is that this unit screams for attention, and it will receive attention. The Zeus Arc Wins this round.



Discreetness Winner: Zeus Arc

Zeus Arc front display Winner: Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc wins this battle. As a total package, it offers more than the Ghost MV1. That isn’t to say that the Zeus Arc is better for everyone. If you want to vaporize wax and dry herb, the Ghost MV1 is going to be the clear choice for you. Furthermore, if you’re all about flavor, you might prefer the Ghost MV1’s vapor over the Arc’s.

The Zeus Arc shines in every other category. It’s well-built, very attractive, portable, and fairly discreet. With all that already going for it, it still manages to provide the best vapor production of any portable vaporizer on the market: an impressive victory indeed.

If you are looking to grab the Zeus Arc, we recommended grabbing one from an authorized retailer such as TVAPE.

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