Smokers all over the world are dropping the habit, and they’re replacing it with something far better: vaping! It’s healthier, it’s tastier, and it just leaves you feeling better. At first, herb vaporizers were cool and novelty, but they could be rather underwhelming. Now, we have devices like the Zeus Arc and the Mighty.

These are portable powerhouses with vapor so plentiful and pure that smoking won’t even be on your mind. Both are fantastic, and whichever you choose, the most important thing is that you’re not smoking. They’re not just healthy substitutes for smoking. The experience is far better. Don’t just stop smoking. Move beyond it, and experience your herb in its purest, healthiest form.

Which of these devices will best provide that experience?

Well, they’re both premium herb vaporizers with an emphasis on vapor production. Neither will leave you disappointed, but this is a battle! There must be a winner. Read our full review to find out which vaporizer immerges victorious.

Vapor Quality

Zeus Arc side view

Zeus Arc

In order to get the most out of the Zeus Arc, there’s a correct way to pack the herb chamber. You’ll want to pack as much material into your herb chamber as possible without restricting airflow, simply because more herb will result in more vapor. Packing it too tight will result in weak airflow, which can ruin a vape session. Avoid overpacking like a plague. The Arc actually does very well with a loosely packed bowl, but a medium-tight pack will result in the best vape session.

There are three temperature settings to choose from. The first temperature setting manages to feel more like a medium temperature setting. The vapor is plentiful, and it tastes great!  The second temperature setting actually surpasses the vast majority of herb vaporizers in terms of vapor production, and the flavor is still fantastic.

The third temperature setting is downright impressive. It rivals the vapor production of the Mighty, and it does so with a much smaller form factor. The flavor remains superb, likely due to the units gold herb chamber. Gold is extremely conductive, and it distributes heat in such a way that prevents your vapor from becoming too hot.


Like the Zeus Arc, the Mighty does best with a medium-tight pack. Unlike the Zeus Arc, it’s both a conduction and convection vaporizer. On paper, this should give it a slight edge. Practically speaking, their vapor production is neck and neck.

The Mighty is great, but its age is starting to catch up to it. The Zeus Arc keeps up without breaking a sweat. Considering its size, this is a very impressive feat. We’ll talk more about the size later, but for now, we’re speaking strictly of vapor quality. In that regard, these units are too similar to determine a winner. This round is a tie.



Vapor Quality Winner: Tie


Build Quality

Mighty side view

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc’s build quality is second to none, and the design is very stylish. The unit has a very Iron-Man-like quality. The lines around the bright LED lights look very clean-cut, leading us to believe that it was made with high-quality, precision engineering.

Additionally, this unit feels solid in the hand. All its curves and edges give it a very attractive aesthetic. It looks high-tech, sexy, and luxurious.


The Mighty is certainly well-built. However, its design is more industrial than that of the Zeus Arc: a device that looks like something from science fiction. It matches the Zeus Arc in terms of durability. It just forgot to look good while doing so.

It doesn’t seem that an attractive aesthetic was very high on the list of priorities to those making this vaporizer. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, it does its jobs well. These devices are tied in terms of durability, but the Zeus Arc’s stylish design gives it an edge in terms of build quality.


Build Quality Winner: Zeus Arc



Zeus Arc flat display

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc is very close to being the smallest portable vaporizer on the market. And it is the smallest vaporizer with vapor production like this. Matching the vapor production of the Mighty is already a big deal, but the size of the Arc makes it that much more impressive.


Frankly, the Mighty is one of the least portable “portable vaporizers.” If you’re wearing skinny jeans, you may as well forget about pocketing this guy. Normal pants might allow it, but it’s going to be an uncomfortable experience.

Realistically, cargo shorts are going to be your best bet with the Mighty. It’s a great vaporizer to use around the house. It just isn’t very portable.



Portability Winner: Zeus Arc


Mighty tank detached

Zeus Arc

The Arc might not be the most discrete vaporizer on the market, but it manages to look pretty unassuming from a distance. Upon first glance, you might assume that it’s a regular vape mod or even a power brick.

Upon looking closer, you’d probably notice that the amount of thought put into the luxurious design wouldn’t make a lot of sense for a power brick.


Then there’s the mighty, which looks like… the Mighty. It stands out a lot because its design is just odd. There’s nothing else out there that looks anything like this.

It doesn’t scream “herb vaporizer,” but it does demand attention. If you’re looking for a discrete vaporizer, this isn’t it.



Discreetness Winner: Zeus Arc

Zeus Arc front display Winner: Zeus Arc

These devices are very close in terms of performance and durability, but there’s an obvious winner between the two. The Zeus Arc performs like the Mighty, but it’s smaller and far more attractive. Neither of these vaporizers will leave you dissatisfied, but the Arc is the newer, smaller, sexier portable powerhouse.

If you are looking to grab the Zeus Arc or Mighty, we recommended grabbing one from an authorized retailer such as TVAPE.

Also be sure to check out how these units stack up against the field with our Portable Vaporizer Ranking.

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