Today we are excited to compare the Zeus Arc and the Pax 3. The Pax 3 has been out for a while now, it is well known in the vaporizer community but has begun to show its age. The Zeus Arc is a newer vaporizer on the scene that looks to shake things up by offering impressive vapor through its gold vapor path, yes you read right, gold! Both are already at the top of the featherweight class. Which one will come out on top? Stay tuned to find out!


Vapor Quality

Zeus Arc parts

Zeus Arc

To get the best vapor quality out of the Zeus Arc, you are going to want to make sure to pack your herbs to a medium-tight consistency. In order to get this, you can load your herb normally then tamp it down slightly. We found this packing method worked best on the Zeus Arc and gave us the most vapor production, however, it will still perform well whether loose or tight.

You just need to ensure there is space in order for the air to flow through the material. Speaking of, the Zeus Arc has better airflow than the Pax 3. This allows the Arc to perform very close to a convection style unit which are generally known for better vapor production, so to get this type of vapor from a conduction unit, color us impressed. The Pax 3’s lack of airflow which forces you to draw slower for maximum vapor.

There are 3 different temperatures settings on the Zeus Arc, and all 3 pack a punch! We were very impressed with the vapor quality on low, medium, and high. On the first draw at each level, you get a mouthful of delicious vapor. Whether you get the gold or stainless steel chamber, the flavor is great. However, the gold does have slightly more flavor than the stainless steel.

At temperature level 2, the Arc pulls ahead of the Pax 3 in cloud size and taste. In fact, you would be hard pressed to know if you’re vaping convection or conduction, that’s how impressive the vapor is. Finally at the 3rd level, the clouds are so big you would think you were using a Mighty, which is impressive for a unit this small!

Pax 3

There are 4 different default heat levels of the Pax 3 which cover a decent range for most users. However, settings 1 and 2 are such low temperatures they fail to produce enough visible vapor to satisfy most users. Even at 3 and 4, you will take some ghost hits before vapor starts gettings properly produced.

The Pax 3 does allow you to customize your temperatures via a Bluetooth app but can only reach as high as 220 degrees Celsius, which does improve visible vapor, but pales in comparison to the Zeus Arc.

In terms of overall vapor quality, the Pax 3 fails to measure up to the Zeus Arc. Although the chamber is stainless steel, the vapor doesn’t have the same flavor profile, most likely because of the distance it has to travel before it reaches your lips. Additionally, you must pack the herb very tight in the Pax 3 in order to get good vapor and that means you must stir the herb throughout your session to avoid an even cook. In fact, failing to stir will result in green herbs on the bottom of the chamber, while the herbs on top will be thoroughly cooked.



Vapor Quality Winner: Zeus Arc


Build Quality

Zeus Arc flat display

Zeus Arc

The vapor path of the Zeus Arc is shorter than the Pax 3, but it delivers comparably cool, smooth vapor. How does the Zeus Arc excel? The answer lies with the airpath made of gold. The gold heatsink which is located in the mouthpiece does an outstanding job of cooling down vapor before it hits your lips, while maintaining the flavor of your herb.

In addition, this unit charges by micro USB which is super convenient, after all, who doesn’t have a bag full of old charging cables? Furthermore, there is an included multi-tool. Not only that, but it is attached magnetically so you can use it during the session, which is super convenient and a feature more units need to start including.

This ultraportable vaporizer’s exterior is made of anodized aluminum. This is a hard coat, and it is finished off with a classy satin finish. The Arc also fits perfectly into your palm for a comfy, ergonomic vape sesh.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is just about the same in build quality as the Pax 2. However, there is an added Bluetooth functionality and the battery does last a bit longer. Unfortunately, there was no upgrade in the heating element which is unfortunate because the same uneven heating problem that plagued the Pax 2 unit continues through to the Pax 3 line, requiring a stir for maximum efficiency of the herbs in your bowl.

In terms of charging your battery, the Pax 3 requires a special charger/dock. That means you need to remember your dock if you want to take your Pax out with you, if you plan to charge on the go, and can make it a bit of a hassle if you forget to bring it and you run low on battery.

Overall, the Pax is a decently built device, adopting most of its features from the Pax 2. We feel the Zeus Arc offers a bit more quality in the build especially with the use of gold in the heating chamber and vapor path, which produces some impressive, yet smooth, vapor.


Build Quality Winner: Zeus Arc



Pax 3 mouth piece detached

Zeus Arc

The Zeus is a few centimeters shorter and wider than the Pax 3. However, both of them fit well into bags and pockets. The built-in multi-tool really helps with any necessary needs while vaping on the go. Want to empty the chamber? You have everything you need!

Zeus even makes a portable charging bank called the Zeus Charge. This is extremely convenient if you want to go off the grid for a few days. Or, keep it in your bag for a quick charge at work.

Pax 3

Since the Pax 3 is a bit more compact, someone with smaller pockets may prefer it. There is an included stir tool, however, it isn’t attached to the Pax 3, so it is extremely easy to lose no matter where you try to secure it. Both a 3500mah battery which lasts about an hour and a half of battery time.

There is not a ton to seperate these 2 in the portability department so we are going to make this section a tie.



Portability Winner: Tie


Pax 3 inclined view

Zeus Arc

In terms of discreetness, the Zeus Arc is right up there with the best of them. It looks like a portable battery pack, so most curiosity is easily satisfied. It’s also in a rectangular/angular shape that isn’t commonly seen in vaporizers.

Although a bit shorter and wider than the Pax 3, the Arc fits in the palm of most hands. This makes for a quick disappearing act!

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is another unit that can fit right inside your palm. This makes it easy to slip inside of a pocket quickly. If you are a female, you can easily pass is device off as lipstick.

Not to mention the stealth mode for even greater discreetness! This dims the light on the logo and minimizes the smell by quickly cooling the chamber. Once again neither device really excels of another so we will toss this up as a tie.



Discreetness Winner: Tie

Zeus Arc winner Winner: Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc takes the gold! When it comes to vapor quality, build quality, we would choose this vaporizer every time, the gold vapor path in the Zeus Arc simply cannot be ignored, providing powerful draws of vapor while maintaining smooth flavorful vapor.

Although the Pax 3 offers Bluetooth functionality, the vapor quality is simply not on par with the Zeus Arc, lacking in both visible vapor and flavor. Don’t get us wrong, the Pax 3 is a wonderful device, but time is beginning to catch up to it and other units are offering a better experience while maintaining a similar size.

If you are looking to grab the Zeus Arc or Pax 3, we recommended grabbing one from an authorized retailer such as TVAPE.

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