The Zeus Arc is turning heads in the world of vaping recently. It’s a highly-portable vaporizer with outstanding vapor production and flavor. It looks great, and it performs like an absolute beast. The Zeus Arc is the new kid on the block, but can it hold its own when compared to a tried and true classic like the Arizer Solo 2?

The Solo 2 takes what everyone loved about the original Solo and ushers it into the modern era. Like its predecessor, it was met with instant praise, and it is widely considered to be one of the best vaporizers on the market. Will the Solo 2 immerge as the victor, or will it be dethroned by the Zeus Arc? Read on to find out.

Vapor Quality

Zeus Arc parts

Zeus Arc

The Zeus Arc’s vapor quality is second to none, but there’s a certain way you’ll want to pack it. It does very well with a loosely packed bowl, but for peak performance, you’ll want a medium-tight bowl. Tamp it down a little, but don’t pack it so tight that it restricts airflow. Weak airflow can ruin a vape session, so avoid it as much as possible.

In terms of vapor production, the Zeus Arc goes above and beyond expectations. The lowest heat setting is comparable to the medium heat settings of most portable vaporizers. The medium heat setting of the Zeus Arc surpasses the highest temperature settings for the vast majority of herb vaporizers, and the highest heat setting is simply ridiculous.

It’s outperforming vaporizers much larger than itself, and it might just be the best portable herb vaporizer on the market in terms of vapor production.

Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 has precise temperature control, so you can actually play around with your temperatures to find a sweet spot that you enjoy. It adds a lot of versatility and customizability to your vaping experience. The flavor that you get from the Solo 2 is some of the best around, and its vapor production is pretty impressive.

In terms of flavor, the Solo 2 is our winner. The difference isn’t drastic, but it’s definitely noticeable. In terms of vapor production, however, the Zeus Arc has a slight edge. Both of these units are winning the vapor game in different ways, so we’re going to call this one a tie.



Vapor Quality Winner: Tie


Build Quality

solo 2 side view

Zeus Arc

There’s no denying that the Zeus Arc is an attractive vaporizer. In terms of both design and power, it’s the Porsche of vaporizers. It packs a powerful punch, and it looks great while doing so.

It doesn’t only look great, but it feels very solid in the hand. Tucked away at the bottom is a multi-tool that is magnetically attached whiich we really enhoyed. It’s a well-built and beautiful little machine.

Solo 2

The Solo was known for being a solid vaporizer, and the Solo 2 didn’t fall far from the tree. This unit feels great in the hand. We wouldn’t test this theory, but the Solo 2 feels like a unit that could handle a few drops. It has just enough weight to give it that premium feel, but not so much that it becomes tedious to handle.

As with the Arc, you can give this unit a shake, and you won’t hear a thing. Both units are built very well, so we’re going to call this category a tie as well. So far the Solo 2 and Zeus Arc are neck and neck.


Build Quality Winner: Tie



Solo 2 display

Zeus Arc

When it comes to portability, there’s nothing quite like the Zeus Arc. It is one of the smallest portable herb vaporizers on the market and its power to size ratio is crazy.

Nothing this size can match the Zeus Arc’s vapor production. This is a powerhouse vaporizer that matches or outperforms all of its competitors, and it’ll slide into your pocket with ease.

Solo 2

The Solo 2 manages to be a little smaller than the original Solo, but it’s not very portable. Without the mouthpiece, this unit could fit in your pocket, although it wouldn’t be very comfortable.

With the mouthpiece attached, it’s pretty large for a portable vaporizer. This unit is geared more towards use at home. The Zeus Arc takes the gold when it comes to portability.



Portability Winner: Zeus Arc


Zeus Arc flat display

Zeus Arc

The relatively small size of the Zeus Arc makes it a good choice for those that care about discretion. The lights make it stand out a little bit, but you can easily cover them with your hand. From a distance, it won’t attract too much attention.

Solo 2

The Solo 2’ isn’t a very discrete vaporizer due to its size. It’s pretty bulky compared to a lot of portable vaporizers, and the large glass stem sticking out of the unit leaves little to the imagination.

Upon first glance, even from a distance, its fairly obvious that this is an herb vaporizer. If you’re looking for a discrete vaporizer, the Zeus Arc is the better option.



Discreetness Winner: Zeus Arc

Zeus Arc winner Winner: Zeus Arc

This was a very close battle, but the Zeus Arc is our winner. The vapor production and build quality for both of these devices are nearly flawless, and in those areas, they’re an even match. The Zeus Arc pulls ahead and takes the win due to its portability and discretion.

The Arc’s compact size and outstanding vapor production make it a real standout in the industry, and as of now, it’s simply one of the best portable herb vaporizers that money can buy. We recently stacked the Arc against the Mighty, and we suprised by the results, so its worth a read.

If you are looking to grab the Zeus Arc or Solo 2, we recommended grabbing one from an authorized retailer such as TVAPE.

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